Environmental Quality Internationa In Siwa Essay

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1. Provide a description of the project objective and scope

The scope definition provides focus and emphasis on the end of the project. Its primary purpose is to define as clearly as possible the deliverables for the end user and to focus project plans. (Gray & Larson, 2008). Project scope is considered the keystone document that interlocks all elements of a project plan. As a result, there are several elements that are needed in order to create a complete and accurate scope that will define the results to be achieved in specific, tangible, and measurable terms of the project. The elements include the following:

1. Project objective - the project objective describes the what, ...view middle of the document...

Their plan was to create a suite of projects that capitalized on Siwa's natural resources while using sustainable practices that would maintain and preserve the local culture, heritage and landscape. (Wiley & Sons, 2011).
A second stakeholder is the Egyptian government, who can benefit from the project through economic development, employment of Siwan residents, tourist dollars, and taxes on exported products.
Another stakeholder would be International Finance Corporation, which provided $880,000 in loans and $486,000 in technical support for the project. Their concern would be their monetary investment and their investment of technical staff and support. (Wiley & Sons, 2011).

3. Assess the organizational culture and its impact on risk management

The organizational culture of Environmental Quality International is that of a consulting organization. The company was focused on promoting sustainable development projects wherever the opportunity presented itself. The company has a very conservative and strict culture which emphasizes the separation of men and women. (Gray & Larson, 2008).

4. Indicate the four to five (4-5) potential sources of risk for the project and
relate these to the critical success factors for effective project management

Potential risks include the following:

• Cultural risk

• Financial risk

• Risk of project failure due to lack of receptiveness by tourists to the business concept

• Company image

• International acceptance of Siwa's exported products

Critical success factors include a...

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