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Environmental Issues Faced By Business And Society

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Environmental Issues Faced by Business and Society
Environmental issues are a big problem in modern society especially when big businesses
take natural resources from the earth to keep up with demands and dispose of waste which in
turn damages the environment in the process. As societies grow so does the demand for natural
resources. Environmental issues that business face include water pollution, air pollution, the
use and degradation of natural resources, and global warming. All these factors have pressured
businesses to adopt and abide by good social ethical behavior and develop alternative resources
without endangering the welfare of the society.
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Hardin’s parable is relevant to real life issues such as overfishing. If the fish population
is depleted by fisherman, then the fishing industry will go out of business.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pollution prevention refers to
the reduction or elimination of pollution sources before they are generated. Such source
reduction is achieved by several different approaches. One example is substituting one material
for another that generates less waste material. Car manufacturing companies are producing more
electric vehicles then before, this shows that the focus for cleaner energy has become more
important. This shift in environmental awareness has been influenced by the government with
behind the scenes green companies, like Green Peace, placing pressure for more sustainable and
greener energy.
Agriculture is one of the greatest sources of water pollution in the U.S. (U.S. Geological
Survey, 1999), and it is under significant political pressure to address this problem, especially in
highly urbanized States like California. In response, conservationists are paying increased
attention to helping growers reduce the environmental impacts of agricultural production. In
1993, the National Research Council’s Soil and Water quality, recommended that integrated
farming system plans should become the basis of Federal, State, and...

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