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Environmental Issues Essay

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WK1: Community Environmental Issue
University of Phoenix
SCI 275
May 11, 2014

Community Environmental Issue
The main issue in the state of Ohio would be power plants. There is one really big power plant that my grandfather has worked at for the past 28 years of his life. He states that they have currently started changing things up so that it is more environmentally safe for our environment. This paper is about the power plant issue and how it is an environmental sustainability issue, and who it will affect, what causes the issue, and how the government can regulate or not regulate it, and the solutions that can be proposed to help with this issue.
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“Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity pollutes our air, and contributes to global warming, and consumes vast amounts of water—harming our rivers and lakes and leaving less water for other use” (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). This is an environmental sustainability issue because using up all of the water supply so that others are short on the use of water is not fair to both parties involved. The issue causes many different problems to the environmental because it uses too much water, and pollutes the air people breathe every day. The pollution can cause many types of chronic disease among children and adults who spend a large amount of time outdoors. The issue is that people are not supposed to use more than we have so that we can help our future generations still have the resources we have today. At this rate, power plants are going to affect the environment in a very huge way because it uses lots of water to help with cooling at the plants. It also pollutes the air so it is a leading cause in global warming from polluting the air people are breathing. Also, power plants create harmful air pollution that can cause chronic disease among children and adults.
Power plants using fossil fuels to generate electricity pollutes the world, which in return affects everyone that breathes air. This issue affects the industry, agriculture, and residential and commercial users because they have a difficult time maintaining sufficient amounts of water from rivers and streams to preserve healthy ecosystems because the power plants use up most of the water supply that is available (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). Also, power plants are responsible for about 15 percent of the nation’s emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx)—a key ingredient in ozone smog” (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). This affects many different people because “when inhaled, ozone quickly reacts with airway tissues and produces inflammation similar to sunburn on the inside of the lungs” (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). The inflammation makes lung more sensitive to allergens, and it is less able to fight off infections (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). “Minor exposure to ozone can cause coughing, wheezing and throat irritation and constant exposure over time can permanently damage lung tissues, decrease the ability to breathe normally, and exacerbate or potentially even cause chronic disease like asthma among children” (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013). The people who are affected the most by the ozone effects would be children, adults who are active outdoors, and people with existing respiratory system ailments, often suffer the most from this issue (Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, 2013)
“Burning coal and natural gas to generate electricity damages the environment by contributing to global warming, consuming vast quantities of water, and creating health-threatening air...

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