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Environmental Analysis

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2. Environment Analysis.
2.1 External
2.2.1 Competitors
Challenges are associated with increasing rate of competition in all industries in general and telecommunications industry in particular. Hill (2008) highlights the role of Chinese producers when discussing the issues of global competition, stating that manufacturers from developed countries have a range of disadvantages when competing with Chinese manufacturers because of low prices of workforce in China. Therefore, one of the main challenges for Alcatel-Lucent in the global marketplace would be to maintain competitive, and at the same time to keep the required level of profitability.
2.2.2 Customer
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This is of particular importance as customers look to deploy shared service cloud capabilities. Fourthly, The Pod and Mesh architecture proposed by ALU is both simple to deploy and highly scalable. It is ALU’s name for a leaf-spine architecture, and with the throughput and features provided on the OS6900 and OS10K in particular, scales up to 14,400 access ports with just two core switches. For many data centers, this is a sufficient number of access ports to accommodate growth for the life of the data center. The 40GbE availability demonstrates ALU’s commitment to delivering high performance networks for modern data centers. Next, Full interoperability with existing infrastructures enables deployment and transition to the mesh/pod architecture without requiring a wholesale replacement, thus preserving investment and easing customers into a full fabric architecture gracefully. Lastly, The benefits of the vNP are scale and simplicity by assigning a profile that automatically understands the requirements of an application across security and access control, VLAN assignments, quality of service levels, relative priority of the application to other applications, latency and jitter requirements. Once configured the vNP can be applied...

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