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Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

Introduction to Article Analysis
For the majority of the human population there has been an event or events that possibly produced an occurrence that had a large impact upon the persons’ overall perception and ability to function regularly. In some instances individuals are able to overcome the occurrence or event, but for some such events can trigger a potent impact that can create an eruption in their cognitive response, when this occurs it is usually diagnosed as being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. The following brief analysis was written from context to an article titled “Ecological Analysis of Early ...view middle of the document...

Bornstein & Hendricks (2007) evaluated the effects that a disaster such as 9/11 could have on adolescents from an ecological perspective. With respect, any event that has an abrupt and potent impact on or in which creates an illicit response from people is referred to as a cataclysmic event (Arkkelin & Veitch, 1995). The article had a specific aim geared towards the study that was conducted to forgo the basic distal contextual factors that can occur during an event such as 9/11, that eventually create a zeroing in of proximal factors that overall and eventually have or create huge impacts on adolescents during stressful situations. The scope of the article and study under which was conducted was noted as being highly unique, especially since majority of other studies conducted had never clearly examined the adverse effects of disasters on adolescents. The article considered both maternal and adolescent characteristics as well as that of perception of a primary caregiver during a traumatic event. According to Bornstein & Hendricks (2007), the level of neuroticism held from parents had significant effects and impact on overall adolescent stress responses. Overall, the article points to the level of conflict that is or will be produced between a parent and a child and can directly influence and therefore I hence impact the adolescents adjustment to stress, ad will either help the child during the traumatic event or will inhibit their emotions and behaviors during and after the event.
During 9/11 many adolescents were affected by the events that occurred on that day, and as such many were eventually diagnosed with PTSD
Influence on Environmental Psychology
The influence that 9/11 had on environmental psychology was great in some regard and not so great in others. Environmental psychology is the overall study on the dynamics of human to environment interactions and so forth. When 9/11...

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