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Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Analysis Paper
University of Phoenix
June 29, 2009

Introduction: Environmental Analysis
This paper intends to present an environmental scan that outlines the major issues that are important to the continued future of public education within a large local school district. The objective in using this scan is to use the data found in a manner where educational administrators as well as those stakeholders in education can strategically plan for the future. Environmental scanning is the process where internal interaction concerning external factors regarding an organization can have an impact on an organization’s decision making ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, these factors can also include macroeconomic variables such as unemployment and inflation. The industry environment module enables the M-DCPS district to scrutinize the growth in the industry during a specific period, the demand of the industry’s services, the stage of development within the industry and the operating contexts that will allow the organization to assess various such as customer’s demands, educational growth, the organization’s leadership ability, and workforce availability.
Overview of Organization
Within the M-DCPS system, the organizational structure has undergone some major challenges within the last few years. The system was once riddled with inconsistency as every two or three years, top leadership positions were constantly changing which created a great deal of conflict and confusion within the organization and its surrounding community. To add, during the 2002 school year, mismanagement of school funding required that school employees surrender two-days of their rate of pay. Although the monies were returned the next school year, this only added to the problems this organization faced. States legislators were also threatening to take control as various schools in the district were failing. Currently, the school system is still riddled with financial dilemmas that have forced the district to make major cuts where several teachers, administrators, and support personnel where laid off. Additionally, employees were recently mandated to give up two or three days of pay, depending on their positions within the organization. Consequently, an economic analysis of the financial issues conducting this large educational organization will also be conducted.
While many problems exist for the M-DCPS system, the strength of the organizational structure within the organization can be expanded into a system where organizational performance leads to shared and consistent decision making. However, in order for the organization to meet its desired objectives, leaders must understand its strategic adaptability to address these compounding issues in order to propel the organization to one of distinction. This requires conducting both economic and environmental analyses to uncover potential risks and opportunities within the organization.
Analysis of Forces and Trends of Economic Factors
The operating environment, which is also referred to as the competitive or task environment, consists of those factors within a competitive situation that can affect a organization’s triumph in obtaining the resources needed to or in its capacity to market its goods and services. Pearce and Robinson (2004), assert that one of the most important factors is the organization’s ability to maintain a competitive position, its customers, its ability to attract and retain highly skilled employees, and more importantly, its reputation.
Competitive Factor
Within the past few years, the M-DCPS district has been confronted with competition...

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