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Environmental Essay

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Environment Essay

It’s devastating to witness the damage that today’s Americans have caused with their excessive usage of water. When a person wakes up in the morning to brush their teeth, they’ll forget to turn the water off. That’s not to mention the water that’s running in order to receive hot water. Within 15 minutes it would be an estimate of about 25 gallons of water being used. The calculations of how much water is being used are quite astonishing. If someone were to repeat the 15 minute process at least twice a week that’s 30 minutes of water being used. To narrow the time down into gallons that would basically be the usage of 50 gallons. Within a month, that would be about 775 gallons of water being used. Within a year your average American is using about 9,300 gallons of water. That’s only one person that walks this earth and uses that amount of water in ...view middle of the document...

Not so easy to comprehend when over time the amounts of water goes down the drain right before our eyes. Literally as Bill wakes up in the morning he would turn of the water from the sink. As the water is running from the sink he takes precious time to brush his teeth, wash his face and any necessary thing for him to do. Precious time can only mean that the time isn’t being used effectively. That now leads up to extreme water bills that are sky rocketed in price due to unnecessary time being spent using water. Not only will it cause more money, it will also not be as clean as the day it was before. All over the globe farmers and municipalities are pumping water out of the ground faster than it can be replenished. That goes to show that the water is not completely clean after using it so much during the week. Yet there was still no recognition of the mere fact that water is being used excessively. To truly show this fact is detrimental is by looking at your water bill and what exactly is in your water after a certain amount of usage. You would be paying extreme amounts of money and experiencing devastating amounts of unclean water. The water we have been receiving is basically from thousands of years. Unless the government brings in major schemes to recharge these aquifers, we will not survive.
Nevertheless, there is an ice patch that would alleviate the negative pain on Earth’s shoulders with the consumption of water. The water consumers of America can recognize that that transition can be in full effect to help secure the remains of the beautiful place we can Earth. It’s not hard to be introduced to the effective products and techniques to use to save on water. For starters after turning on the water to brush your teeth, quickly rinse the toothbrush. A product to use for the shower would basically be a efficient over head that allows less water to be used. Think of when the water without the overhead in 10 minutes the water would be equivalent to about 7 gallons of water. With the efficiency shower you would save about 2.5 gallons of water. These things go to show there is a way to save our environment.

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