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Environment Science Essay

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Unlike other sports, golf does not require intensive power, aerobic, muscular endurance or strength but it does require high levels of skill. Acquiring, developing and maintaining these skills requires a prolonged time for which golfers need to develop fitness components. The fact that Chad is 55years, other age- related tests should be done on him.
Cardio-respiratory /endurance fitness
Fatigue determines a golfer’s performance. Fatigue usually from walking the 18 holes of the field, the swings and movements greatly affects speed, reaction concentration and neuromuscular coordination. Walking /Running tests, continuous tests to exhaustions, step tests, intermittent tests can be used to measure improvement during the workout program.
In the game of golf one needs strength and power which are closely related to solid stability, appropriate grips, controlled swings and calculated ...view middle of the document...

Recovery time of at least a day is recommended.
Week 1-5-building a solid foundation (strength and aerobic fitness)
Train four times a week .two upper body and two lower body workouts.
Day 1-upper body: pushups, chest press, bicep curls, triceps dips, DumbbelRow (3 sets 10 rep for each)

Squats, oblique push- ups, Swiss Ball Raised crunches, Hanging Legs Lifts, Dumbbell lunges (4 sets of 10-15 rounds for each)
A minimum of 150 minutes of modest cardiovascular including walking, light gym and swimming (Repeatedly with 30secs breaks in between)
Alternating cable shoulder press, Deltoid raise, Kettle bell press, Anti-gravity press, arm circles, Dumbbell press, seated row, pull downs (each 10×3)
Week 6-12-Mantaining strength (Flexibility /cardiovascular fitness)
Day 1-incline push-ups, triceps’ dips, standing torso twist, front press, dumbbell Row, Dumbbell Wrist Curls (For each +5-10%, 3sets 10times)
Day 2-CARDIO STRETCHES: Hamstring, Kneeling Hip flexor, Double knee-to – chest, Quad stretch, Backswing stretch, crossover.
Day 3-squats (15×3), hanging leg lifts (15×3), Oblique push-ups (15×3), Raised oblique crunches (50×1)
Day 4-tricep press downs, pull downs (10×3), Reverse fly(10×3), chin ups(10×3), Overhead Dumbbell extensions(10×3), tricep press down(10×3), reverse curls(12×3)
Minor alterations on Evermore’s diet are required since he is already physically healthy.3 meals a day rich in carbohydrates, 2 small snacks to boost his endurance and energy is recommendable. Depending on his budget, he can also supplement his diet with fish oil containing proceolytic enzyme (for his vision, lubrication of joints and intestinal systems), Casein and egg protein (to balance his insulin) and daily intake of men multivitamins. Apart from the supplements a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grain and low fat products are important for his nutrition improvement. To enable him adapt to new body demands, a post -workout recovery with plenty of gels, bars and drinks is necessary.

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