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Environment Pollution Caused By Construction Activities Environmental Sciences Essay Find Out More From Uk Essays Here: Http: //Www.Ukessays.Com/Essays/Environmental Sciences/Environment Pollution Caused By Construction

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Environment Pollution Caused By Construction Activities Environmental Sciences Essay
This chapter present the brief information and effects of the environmental issues happened in the Malaysian Construction Sites. This is a literature chapter review on the environmental pollution happened which caused by the construction activities in Malaysia. For example, air pollution, water pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, wastage problem, ground movements and etc.

2.2 Environment Pollution Caused by Construction Activities
According to Krishnan Ganesh (2005) describe that the pollution consists of any change of the environment in physical, chemical or biological characteristics which ...view middle of the document...

It would also interrupt the residents near the area furthermore influence their health quality and well-being of people in the whole city.

In short, construction industry at site has full of danger, difficult and dirty or even death syndrome which are to be encountered and control under certain rules & regulations. However, these rules & regulation of environmental protection can be imposed by the local statutory, government, and any other independent institutions.

2.2.1 Air Pollution
Nancy J. Sell (1945) notes the definition of air pollution is an addition to our atmosphere of any materials having a damaging effect on life and environment. Normally are carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxides (NO), sulphur oxides (SO) and various hydrocarbons and particulates which are small particles consists of solids.

“The construction activities such as land clearing, operation of diesel engines, demolition, burning and working with toxic materials will contribute to air pollution. All construction activities produce high level of dust which can effects large distance over long time” (Jennifer Gray, 2010). In addition, Jennifer (2010) also stated that diesel is the most critical emissions of a lot of toxic gases. Air pollution occur when the noxious vapours and other hazardous chemicals that are widely used on construction sites.

“The human health will be affected same as to the animal by the various types of pollutants. Most of the time, animal death can be happened by air pollutant as long it goes into the animal food sources. Damage on plant might be visible or which affect the growth, productivity and life will possess of the plants will be damaged” (Nancy J. Sell, 1945).

At last, the air pollution is directly linked to the human and other wild life being. This is because the poisonous air particular will damaging the respiratory systems of every living organism. Other serious diseases will also happen due to the insufficient inhaled of clean air and excessive inhaled of hazard oxygen. Therefore, the air quality is required to be controlled on construction sites moreover off the sites.

2.2.2 Water Pollution
Diesel and oil, paint, solvents, cleaners and other harmful chemicals; and construction debris and dirt can be direct sources causing of water pollution. Soil erosion cause silt-bearing run-off and sediment pollution when the land is cleared. Silt and soil that run into natural waterways turn them turbid and restrict sunlight filtration and devastate aquatic life. In addition, other pollutants such as diesel and oil, toxic chemicals, and building materials from the site will be carried by the run-off of surface water. This happened to poison the water life when these substances get into waterways and any animal intake it. The source of human drinking water can be contaminated when the pollutants on construction sites soak into the groundwater which makes it much more difficult to purify than the surface water...

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