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Entwistle Essay

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4MAT Review McMinn
Billy Madison
Liberty University

In this book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling McMinn drew in on the basic concepts on a Christian’s life along with the basic concepts which we believe Christian counselors focus on. He focused on spirituality, theology, and psychology along with the daily battles faced by Christian counselors in their personal and professional lives. In the book McMinn went into the most important components in the life of a Christian being prayer, scripture, confession, sin, forgiveness, and redemption and broke down in all the ways we are affected during our counseling sessions. In the book we are left with ...view middle of the document...

Because of the theoretical map having a main focus on mental health and not spiritual life he creates a single map which is used through various aspects of the book focusing on spiritual and religious challenges and beliefs and opens up the dialogue on prayer.
When speaking on prayer McMinn opens up the door to help readers understand that prayer is an essential piece of life not just in counseling sessions but in our daily interactions. McMinn helped us as readers to understand that before prayer can be used in a counseling session it should be understood when the time is appropriate and when prayer should be avoided. The discussion on prayer really opened me up to the importance and role it plays on our spiritual and self-growth when McMinn stated “counselors pray in sessions because prayer can enhance clients’ spiritual lives and clarify their perspectives” (McMinn 2011 pg. 81).
The most informative and important chapter of the book for counselors is McMinn and his dialogue on sin. McMinn defined sin as “any lack of conformity, active, or passive, to the moral will of God” (McMinn 2011 pg. 162). In this chapter McMinn made several comparisons and contrast on sickness and sin and whether they were the same. McMinn stated that “often times counselors who are not Christians understand only the personal concept of sin and thereby misinterpret Christianity” (McMinn 2011 pg. 162). With sin being a major cause for many of the issues our clients are faced with it is important for us as counselors to understand what sin actually entails. As counselors the book helped us as readers to understand that with sin being such a sticky situation we must be careful in how we approach the topic with our clients. McMinn (2011) suggest that we always be empathetic and watching our word choice so that our clients do not feel in any way judged or belittled. Sin should only be spoken of when working to change the clients’ inner self.
Concrete Response
After reading McMinn and his dialogue on sin I began to reflect on a situation stemming from my high school years. During my senior year of high school my child hood best friend came out and told his family and me that he was homosexual. Growing up I was always taught that no matter what decisions someone choses to make in life love them whole heartedly. With him being my best friend for years I never found it in my heart to judge him or frown upon him in any way for the decisions he chose to make with his personal life. Upon my family finding out I took him with my to a local church I often attended. While in church the pastor began making many statements speaking on the younger generation and how he felt as that we were lost in life. In his discussion on our generation being lost in life he began to make statements about the youth being full of teenage boys and girls engaging in acts of homosexuality and needing guidance because he felt that these acts were not of God. This began to make me and my best friend...

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