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Entrepreneurs And Their Contribution To Society

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Entrepreneurs and their contributions to society- A local investigation

Blanchard’s heating and Cooling has been in the refrigeration and air conditioning business for the past 17 years. The business is owned by Ivan Blanchard. It is located downtown Corner Brook, on 37 Brook street. I have recently interview Mr. Blanchard about his entrepreneur opinions and experiences to get a better understanding of why he has chosen this path.

1) Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur? I wanted to be able to run my own business to be my own boss, the clientele and to be able to move back home to Corner Brook.
2) Why did you choose the type of business that you are presently in? It ...view middle of the document...

11) Do you think that your previous work experience helps you now? Yes, It helped my get to where I am today as an experienced entrepreneur.
12) How did you obtain the funds to start your enterprise? I didn’t have any funds. I started out with myself and a van that I came up with using my own money. Then got business developing funding from the bank for the building where my business is now located.
13) Do you feel that you spend too much time operating your business? Yes, I work the most out of everyone employed, I not only operate the business I do the work as well.
14) Would you recommend to someone to start their own business? Yes, it is a great way to give services to the community.
15) Did you have any support, other than financial, to start your business? Yes, I had very good family support, which helped my follow my dreams.
16) What were your initial goals in starting your business? My initial goals were to make a living and to be able to do it in my home town.
17) Have your goals been attained? Yes, I have gone from operating from a van and just myself to 10 other employees in an established shop.
18) Do you feel that customer satisfaction is important? Yes most definitely, if not there would be no business.
19) Do you think that anyone can own their own business? No, you need to have a lot of dedication, you need to know your market, be able to work...

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