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Entrepreneurial Leadership Essay

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The purpose of this survey is to measure customer satisfaction it to see where company stand in this regard in the eyes of its customers. Customer satisfaction is the state of mind that customer has about a company, and its products or service when their expectations have been met or exceed. This state reflects the life time of the product or service experience. The customer satisfaction surveys are developed to provide understanding of customer’s expectations and satisfaction’s.
When we talk about customer service and or satisfaction, we talk about creativity. Creativity allows us to handle or diffuse problems at hand or later on in the process of conducting the everyday business. We ...view middle of the document...

As important as delightfulness is, some of us minimize it, or even totally disregard it. At this point, we fail. Some of the issues that will guarantee failure in sales, satisfaction, and loyalty. Some of areas they may need to review are
Employees must adhere to a rigid chain of command
Employees are closely supervised
Conflict—in whatever form—is not allowed
Rewards are based on carrot-and-stick principles
Wrong objectives are measured
In order to for manager to do that each employees need to take personal responsibility for their actions in the areas of communication, performance, and customer satisfaction. For manager he need to know that How can sensitize these employees to these issues First, he must identify how he define the customer. Customer Service and Satisfaction Second, he must understand customer expectation levels concerning quality. Third, he must understand the strategy for customer service quality, and fourth, we must understand the measurement and feedback cycles of customer satisfaction.
At the end of this meeting every department manager should be given written objective where they need to make that how achieve their departmental goals. Each department manager need to call a meeting from his own department, and explain them about all the new goals been setup to bring up the service standards. Also managers need to assign each employee a note book where he needs to write his daily, weekly goals. Each week manager should review the employee goals, and give him feedback. Once manager notice that through supervise feedback that all the employee have been on target to reach department goals.
They need to change their goals to next phase where each employee should now monitor each other performance to make they are meeting their manager, and department standard to meet customer expectations. The strategy issue is also a very important element of customer satisfaction, primarily because it sets the tone for the appropriate training, behavior, and delivery of the specific service. There are four items that the strategy for service quality ought to address. They are as follow Customer service attributes the delivery of the service must be timely, accurate, with concern, and with courtesy. One may ask why are these elements important the answer is that all services are intangible and are a function of perception. As such, they depend on interpretation. In addition and perhaps more importantly, service by definition is perishable and if left unattended, it can spoil on the organization.
They must be observant in most cases when dealing with service-related items, observations may contribute more to satisfying the customer than direct communication. Pay attention to body language and mannerisms and, if necessary, listen between the lines. Always try to be a step ahead of the customer. Anticipate the customer’s action. Actively listen for what the customer is communicating, but also and, perhaps, more importantly listen for...

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