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Entertainment Media And The Modern Culture

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Entertainment Media and the Modern Culture
John Weathers
April 17, 2011
Evelyn Figueroa

Entertainment Media and the Modern Culture

Entertainment Media is a very important and often highly criticized facet of not only American but International culture. Most often is the focus of how the youth are affected by the different forms of media, from violence in video games to the controversial aspects of television. Though it is the negative aspects of media that is of a constant concern to parents, we must also remember that there are positive aspects at the same time. Popular belief is that modern culture is wholly affected by the American entertainment industry, yet data suggests that this is not entirely true. Approximately half of Hollywood’s revenue is earned internationally. Titanic, for example, one of the biggest blockbusters of recent times, ...view middle of the document...

It is the general consensus that the over-exposure of these negative aspects is dramatically effecting the youth of today. Yet it is these very aspects that have given rise to these media forms popularity. The Grand Theft Auto series, produced by Rockstar games seems to be the under the most scrutiny. Though there is quite a bit of violence that is involved with the game play it is actually the action aspect of these games that have given it its popularity. The video game industry is actively involved in trying to reduce the negative image of video game playing. Just as the “blue-jean wearing teenager” of the 1950’s elicited images of juvenile delinquency, so does the term “gamer” in today’s society. With the invention of more interactive games and game systems the video game industry is attempting to promote a more positive image of the “gamer” by making it and experience to be enjoyed by a group and not just the individual. By promoting social skills, teamwork, family values, historical and educational lessons and many other positive skills that can be learned from playing video games hopefully that stereotypical image can be broken.
Audiences, which is the bottom line goal of entertainment media. All of the different forms are vying for the attention of the same demographic audience and it is this goal that is ultimately affecting today’s culture. Each wants to be the topic of conversation on the lips of society and whatever method it takes are what we will see. Whether it be in the way society dresses, to the message in a movie, it is entertainments goal to be the one to garner that attention.
So, the next time that you pick up a current, popular book, go to the movies, watch something on TV or play the hottest video game – Take the time to try and determine what message or influence that the media is trying to convey. It may make you look at things in a completely different context, rather than just being a “piece of Entertainment.”

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