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Entertainment Elements Should Be Added In Chinese Sports

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Entertainment elements should be added in Chinese sports
Yin Wu
University of San Francisco

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Wrtg/Speaking Pract and Graduate Writing/Speaking Practicum(Fall_2012), taught by Professor Schultes
The basis of this article was to address the idea that adding entertainment elements in Chinese sports industry can change the current status of Chinese sports industry. The methods to support the article include: personal interview, analyzing the current situation of ...view middle of the document...

They are confirmed that entertainment elements should be added in Chinese sports industry. However, some people hold the idea that China should not take the risk of adding entertainment elements in Chinese sports industry. Because after the success of Beijing Olympic Games, China has posited itself as a country which holds big sports event. For example, like F1, Swimming world championship. They think this is the correct way for Chinese sports industry. (Xiao. C, personal communication, June 4, 2012)
Personally, I strongly agree with the statement that entertainment elements should be added in Chinese Sports industry.
So what is entertainment and entertainment marketing? Entertainment is whatever people are willing to spend their money and spare time viewing rather than participating in. entertainment can include sports or the arts and can be viewed in person or in broadcast or recorded form. A distinction is often made between sports and entertainment. (Kaser &
Oelkers, 2008, p.17)Sports and entertainment marketing is a huge industry offering numerous products and services. Busy individuals and families must carefully choose which sports and entertainment activities and events they will have fun with their limited time and financial resources. Marketers of Sports and entertainment products and services must assess consumer demand, the competition, and the financial valuation of the goods and services they offer. When developing marketing plans for sports and entertainment products, marketers must consider the marketing mix and the core standards of marketing. (Kaser & Oelkers, 2008, p.5).
Firstly, on the basis of Chinese sports industry situation, there is no entertainment elements in Chinese sports industry situation. In addition, people in China do not have much passion on sports. The sports industry is managed by government instead of private enterprise. Thus, there is little competition and space to grow. In China, the government raises some potential athletes when they are very young and make them think their objective is not out of themselves but patriotism. Which means mostly why they chose sports as their career is not out of their own interest but out of their country. It is easy to see that when some Chinese athletes got golden medal, every Chinese people are proud of her or him and cheer the success of them. While on the opposite, if they fail, people in China will think those athletes as failing and lose the face of their country. Obviously, people do not have much enthusiasm on sports. In regarding to sports club in China, the only so called popular sports is Chinese man soccer. However, it lost more fans year after year which indicates the performance of Chinese man soccer is dissatisfactory. The performance of Chinese Basketball Association is fair but it keeps sustaining losses in business. Some other sports like volleyball, tennis, ping-pong hasn’t formed such formal market as Chinese man soccer and Chinese...

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