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Entertainment And Culture Essay

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Entertainment Media and Culture
Julian B. Rosemond III
Bernard Asubonteng

Entertainment Media and Culture
Entertainment media has always been a big influence on American culture and the rest of the world. It has shaped the way we dress, what kind of music we listen to and to some degree how we speak and act. There are even entire television shows in which are strictly dedicated to talking about celebrities and what is going on in his or hers life at the moment. This paper will go in depth as far as how entertainment media has impacted our culture.
In the 1950’s television was known to shy away from the current political and other current events going ...view middle of the document...

Children are now able to go on the computer, or these days their phones, and find the latest dances that are popular which sometimes are not the most appropriate for them. Television these days has become a lot more revealing as far as sex and media. A lot of television shows now make references to some sort of sexual action or show a lot more actions such as kissing. Children watching it are exposed and in turn want to mimic it.
The effects of entertainment media have varied from era to era. In the 1950’s it was a lot more positive because television was geared towards portraying family values and how a family should be. The 1960’s turned a lot more real and had a little more negative effect on society. For example, the Vietnam War exposed a lot about what was going on in the war, which then had a big impact on the youth. Also with the exposure to the JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinations, people of America were affected in a negative way because of two high...

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