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Enterprise Sytem For Management Essay

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Enterprise Systems For Management
Chapter 2 review Question

1. What are functional silos and how did they evolve in organizations?
When the organization becomes larger and more complex the functional silos evolved. This happens when the company have different department with different responsibilities, if any department needs anything they work separately with no integrate with other department.

2. What is the relationship between organizational functional silos and IS functional silos?

The two types of functional silos serve the needs of a department but in two different ways.
Organizational functional silos are independent unit and the changes that made in these silos ...view middle of the document...

What is logical integration and how is it different from physical integration?
Logical integration develops information systems that allow organizations to share data with all of its stakeholders based on need and authorization.
On the other hand, physical systems integration involves building a system architecture that supports many different applications, and gets them to work together seamlessly.

6. Describe at least five steps involved in systems integration.

Step 1 –Resource categorizing –take inventory of hardware and software and seek vendors that comply with this technology.

Step 2 –Compliance and standards –check to see what kinds of standards are used for database support JDBC/ODBC.

Step 3 –Legacy systems support –develop support for older systems.

Step 4 –Middleware tools –tools that are used to support legacy systems, and are a short-term solution to fixing the problem.

Step 5 –Authentication and authorization policies –Create standards that users can login and log off to create information protection, to hide sensitive information.
7. What are the key benefits and limitations of systems integration?
The key benefits to Systems Integration:
•The increase of Revenue and Growth

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