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Enterprise Continuity Planning Essay

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November 10, 2015
chrystal kimbrough
November 10, 2015
chrystal kimbrough


A company’s worst fear came to fruition when an employee hacked into his own records on the human resource system and was successful in modifying their own records. The employee gave himself an increase in pay by increase his base salary rate. The employee had success in performing this crime by spoofing an IP address, allowing their self the ability to eavesdrop on the network. By spoofing the specific IP address, the employee was able to find the ...view middle of the document...

With authentication and encryption controls, a local root certificate authority was installed on the network in order to implement a PKI {public key infrastructure} that permits all communication to the HR system making all communication require a certificate. These controls would also encrypt all network traffic going to or coming from the HR system and would create a prevention in eavesdropping on the network. This would also prove to be successful in the prevention against spoofing by properly authenticating the host.

Part A – Evaluation – Post – Event

A.1 – Overview – Nature of Incident

An employee was successful in their efforts of exploiting vulnerabilities on the company’s network, specifically the HR system, in order to gain unauthorized access and to give their self an increase in salary by modifying the salary information. A lack of authentication and controls on the network allowed the employee to be successful in utilizing a technique called spoofing, allowing them to ability to view network traffic on the network that was not intended for their view. With this technique, they were successful in granting an unapproved increase to their pay, in which they received on the next two subsequent payroll checks, thus directly violating the integrity of the system. When the fraudulent changes and updates were discovered by an auditor for the company, the auditor immediately sent emails to significant parties within the company that should be made aware of the situation. The scandalous employee, was once again, able to manipulate the network and intercept the emails. False responses were then crafted up and sent back to the auditor as if they were coming from the originally intended individuals. Because they were successful in disguising their self as ‘entitled’ company officials, the employee was also successful in obtaining additional access to other financial systems and data, thus modifying this data as well. Other company employees’ pay was cut, including the president, and the employee added the pay to their salary as well.
A.2 – Notification Requirements

Although the company’s HR system has been compromised, there has not been any disruption in the ability of the company to maintain business as usual. This does not take away from the fact that this event was very serious in nature, but it does not fall into the category of being a disaster. Because this incident resulted in a breach of security, it is a requirement that a predetermined incident procedure and notification protocol be activated and put into place. Upon initial classification that the incident was indeed a breech in security, it is the responsibility of IT management to notify all parties included on the incident response team. This list of parties should include executive staff, direct management, IT security staff (specifically staff trained in incident response), and the company’s legal counsel. It should be well-stated to all incident response members...

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