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Enterprise Essay

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FedEx video
After watching the video, please answer the following questions:
1. List the business processes displayed in the video.
A business process is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product for a particular customer(s). In FedEx case, the business process is the packages sorting in order to ship them to customers in many destinations inside and outside the U.S. As displayed in the video, first, a FedEx agent ...view middle of the document...

Once it reaches the nearest sorting center, which are over two football fields long and have everywhere from five hundred to a thousand workers, the packages are stored via a system on conveyor belt. FedEx uses several types of technology to sort the packages it ships. A dimensional scanner gets the length, width, height and weight of packages to determine their size and eventual cost of shipping. Another multidimensional scanner reads the barcode from any location on the package except the bottom. Then, paddles nudge the packages onto different slides depending on the eventual destination. Some packages require manual sorting instead of this automated method. Once the packages have been sorted, they are placed into boxes together. The boxes are shaped in such a way that they will fit into a plane with maximum efficiency. A FedEx air control center coordinates the arrival of trucks and monitors airport and airplane conditions. Once the planes take off, travel and reach their destination, a FedEx courier delivers the package by hand, and scans again to signify the completion of the transaction.

2. List the types of information systems shown in the video. Can you describe how systems that were not shown might be used at FedEx?

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