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Diploma of Human Resources, Business Management. Ensure a safe workplace Assignment

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Q1. Outline 3 OHS systems that you will implement to ensure that company goals, legislation and duty of care issues are met. Workplace Inspections: On a 6 monthly basis a workplace inspection is to be conducted on the overall safety of the workplace. The inspections purpose is to analyse the risks and hazards of the tasks in which employees will be conducting. It will identify the hazards or potential hazards and a risk control review. *OHS Regulation 2001 NSW Ch2.9 “An employer
must take reasonable care to identify any foreseeable hazard that may arise from the conduct of the ...view middle of the document...

This includes adequate clean amenities are provided.I.e. restrooms, smoking areas, first aid facilities, lunchrooms and visible emergency procedures. * OHS Regulation 2001 Ch2.18 “An employer must ensure that appropriate amenities are available for all of the employer’s employees while they are at work.”The identification and solution of occupational violence security;i.e. visitor passes to outside logistics companies, security cameras within the store and in the loading areas, training and awareness on hold up situations, relationship with centre security. Appropriate signage and OHS noticeboards that is easily assessable and known by all employees. By conducting a regular inspection of the workplace the organisation is able to identify, assess and controls risks that may be of harm to those within the workplace.
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Employee Induction and training: Staff development is a contributing factor to a business’s environment and growth. To ensure all employees are provided with adequate instruction, information and training an employee induction and training program will be implemented *OHS Act 2004 Div. 2.21.2e: “provide such information, instruction, training or supervision to employees of the employer….”This will not only comply with the law but enable employees to perform their assigned duties

competently and without risk to their own or others health and safety in the workplace *OHS Act 2004 Div. 4.25.1ab “an employee must: take reasonable care for the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at a workplace….”. Upon commencement an employee will participate in a formal induction to the organisation. Yes – it must start here!The employee will receive an induction handbook and other relevant information of the organisationlisted in Q4. As well as an induction handbook all employees will be taken on a tour around the workplace area being shown; • management location, • OHS noticeboards with images of the OHS committee members, • emergency procedures, • amenities , • exits and entries, • emergency assembly points, • emergency drills and fire drills procedures • timesheets, • incident report forms, • traffic management system.*OHS Regulation 2001 Ch2.17.3b “details of the arrangements for any such evacuation are
kept on display in an appropriate location or locations at the place of work”

good detail here All employees are to sign off on the induction process. This will ensure all employees understand the protocols, policies and procedures before commencing their employment and there obligations as well. Initial and on-going training will be implemented to certify all employees are aware and complying with the correct procedures to warrant everyone’s safety. Training sessions can vary from formal training on topics or toolbox talks that can be held when required (toolbox talk: talk to all employees addressing current issues, in which all employees sign off...

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