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Enjoying The World Of Television Essay

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It is an evening like thousands of others. It is a time to relax after a long day of school. With the bowl of popcorn and can of soda, I take a place in the comfortable chair. With my right hand, I am desperately searching for a plastic object that always lays on the table. I finally got it; it’s a remote, now I can take my every day trip to fantasy world. I will sit here for a couple of hours enjoying the world of television. This scene is familiar to all of us; we probably can not even imagine life without TV. For some of us, it has become our best friend.
Television was developed in 1935; immediately, it became a hit with everybody wanting to have one. Soon the TV was in almost ...view middle of the document...

Television has affected our life by showing us how other people live and dress. This may makes us want to be like others. Commercials between the shows promote many products that invite us to buy them. Selling became an unbreakable part of TV. For some people TV is an escape from hard reality by showing how you can live if you are rich and popular. Most of the movies show the beautiful people with tons of money, living without the worries, doing what they want to do; all the things that are unreachable for most people. It also shows science-fiction and fantasy movies, which take place in other worlds or times. These are rich with characters that are not human beings but creatures from outer space. That is why TV is so popular; we can watch it and for a moment think that we are someone else or think that we are not alone in this space. We can also laugh from other people’s mistakes or adventures watching the comedy shows or cry watching the drama shows.

Still if we look on the other side of the coin, we can see a bad side of television. Some shows create images that you can do something wrong and get out of it unpunished. They show murders and bank robbers that are never caught and live happily ever after. They show fights and wars like they are child’s play; this makes people believe in crime and sometimes encourages them to participate. This creates a false image of the world in some people, because if you do something wrong it will usually catch up with you sooner or later. Also wars are not an escapade with a couple of buddies but pain and suffering for people.

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