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English Standard Notes Essay

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English: HSC
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Comprehension * HOW – whenever there is language write about medium specific techniques (eg. Visual salience, prosaic text – flashbacks foreshadowing) * Study – Download a series of different text types (newspaper articles, cartoons and websites) * Develop your own series of questions that incorporate language.Technique -> location -> Verb -> Effect -> Meaning (ADDRESS THE QUESTION)- The symbol of the barbed wire, which is commonly used to ensure that animals are isolated, emphasises the inhumane lengths to which Australia, a country that boasts of freedoms, has undertaken to present others from belonging to protect the idealistic values they are exposed to within the nation. * | * Distinctive voices (MLK, Severn Cullis Suzuki, Indira Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln, etc) * Related materials ...view middle of the document...

An individual’s perceptions of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world. | Wilfred Owen’s poems |

* 2009-2014 Prescriptions Document – Learn the content and skills needed
* Language is the meaning that the ideas of belonging arise

Technique -> location -> Verb -> Effect -> Meaning (ADDRESS THE QUESTION)
* The symbol of the barbed wire, which is commonly used to ensure that animals are isolated, emphasises the inhumane lengths to which Australia, a country that boasts of freedoms, has undertaken to present others from belonging to protect the idealistic values that are espoused within the nation.

How has the composer used rhetorical devices to effectively inspire the audience into action?
Individuals who have a distinctively empowering voice can influence and inspire those to collectively challenge the morals and values of society as a means of enforcing the need for justice and equality. However, through the influential voice of an individual, they can also inspire and manipulate their audience into accepting their point of view. These ideas can be seen through the awe-inspiring voice of Martin Luther King in “I Have A Dream” by challenging the oppressive view of the wider world towards Negroes, which can also be seen in the innocent yet convincing voice of Severn Cullis Suzuki in her “Address to the Plenary Session at the Earth Summit”. Collectively, this can also be seen in the derogative yet persuasive voice of Squealer in the satirical fable “Animal Farm,” as although he is able to effectively inspire his audience, his purpose is to control and oppress his audience. As a result, through the amalgamation of various figurative language techniques, it can be seen that individuals can effectively inspire their audience.

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