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English Sample Essay

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Writing Sample
English Placement Appeal
Fall 2014
Arrive 15 minutes early! We cannot admit late arrivals.
Valid parking permits are required at all times. Daily parking permits may be purchased from Campus Safety or dispensers located in the parking lots.

Testing Sessions will be held in Village 8-5

Exam Dates & Times September
Wed. Mon. Wed. Tues. Thurs. 3 8 10 16 25 11-12:30 PM 3-4:30 PM 10-11:30 AM 2-3:30 PM 1-2:30 PM

How to make your appointment: • Call the Matriculation Office at 949-582-4970 • Stop by the Matriculation Office in Village 8-5 • Please have your Student ID number ready when calling. • Please use any of the methods above if you need to reschedule your ...view middle of the document...

Please read the back of this sheet for more information regarding the exam. If you have further questions or would like to schedule your appointment, please contact the Matriculation Office at 949-582-4970 or visit

Writing Sample Information
The writing sample allows you to appeal the English placement recommendation if you believe the initial placement does not indicate your current English proficiency. The writing test requires you to construct a clear and persuasive response to a specific prompt. After carefully reading the assigned passage, you will respond to the topic by writing an essay that is controlled by a central idea (your thesis) and specifically developed. You may develop your central idea using specific reference to the passage, other texts, and/or your personal experience. You will have 60 minutes to read the passage and complete your essay. Plan your essay before you begin writing as you may not have enough time to write a draft and a complete, finished essay. Allow time to proofread your essay and make revisions, being sure to check punctuation and capitalization. You do not need to double space between paragraphs, and you should only use blue or black ink. Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of your ability to develop your central idea, to express yourself clearly, and to use the conventions of written English. The topic has no “correct” response. Writing Sample essays will be read by a panel of instructors from the English Department who will score your essay assigning a number ranging from 1 to 6. Matriculation will suggest course placement for essays assigned the following scores: 6 (English 1A placement): This paper commands attention because of its insightful development and mature style. It presents a cogent response to the text, elaborating that response with well-chosen examples and persuasive reasoning. The 6 paper shows that its writer can usually choose words aptly, use sophisticated sentences effectively, and observe the conventions of written English. (English 1A placement): This paper is clearly competent. It presents a thoughtful response to the text, elaborating that response with well-chosen examples and sensible reasoning. A 5 paper typically has a...

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