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English Poem Essay

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Jenny Jones
English 101 B

Talking Dirty to My God!
My paper will be on 2 different poems and there from the book “Talking Dirty to the Gods”. The first poem is called Silkworm and the second poem is called Janus. Both the poems focus on the culture, beauty of life and history. My paper will in tell about the art of poetry and the art of how to tell a story inside of a story. When slaves were to tell stories, they couldn’t write down there dreams or there life and what they went through, so they were to say it in a story form. So they, meaning the kids would never forget ...view middle of the document...

When you think about the cool rules book chapter two about the African heritage and there message is that, you need to keep your faith and don’t ever forget were you come from. And from my people being taken and sold caused a great deal of us to lose and forget and even feel upset because of what was taken from there life and history.
The last things I would like to bring to your attention from this poem is: “sometimes, I am a silk bud straining not to bleed open with the rise and fall of her breast. Desire”. To me it seems that this quote is trying to speak on the white people’s side meaning, Yusef Komunyakaa is stating that both cultures had temptations to try to combat. Other wise meaning that white and blacks both had to deal with the same negativity and the displeasure between the two races mixed together. The last lines in the poem that I want to talk about is, “her own fingers, now, I am a little noose around a mother-of-pearl button”. Well after reading this line I ended up with the conclusion that she may have ended up with something that she couldn’t handle/deal with in her day and time. I think she understood how much she should have been valued yet those in her life didn’t understand the true beauty of a mother-of-pearl. You see silkworms help to make your highest quality clothing and it is something that is desired. I guess my thought is how do you compare a person’s beauty to a silkworm?
The second poem that I chose to talk about is Janus on page. 13. The first line that I would like to analyze is “Half frozen roots. Balanced there, like spinario’s head that’s at lest one hundred years older then his body he is”. Half frozen roots=not knowing total history but even with missing pieces he is able to be balanced. History that goes back before time, before time like a mirror of at least one hundred years, and this history is older then his body as if time stood still. When reading this poem the message that I received is that history repeats it’s self over and over again. Even though it repeats itself there is a balance that tradition is older, then his body his ancestor’s body and they all stand as he is.
The next line is, “standing and bowed before, double door one foot in fire, the other in muddy ice, tomorrow, yesterday, and never”. Standing and bowed before makes me think of a slave praying, and double doors is balanced between good and evil. One foot in the fire means your heart is burning with the desire to be free, while the other foot in muddy ice your life is being held in one position. Tomorrow, yesterday, and never makes me think that if I keep praying life will change for the better. But if my view/anger stays the same, it will always be yesterday. Most important, if I don’t take heed and listen, walk ever so gently, things will never change.
The last lines are, “Again. The new year gazes back to Lot’s wife. Lost in a dream of summer. While the season’s first snow falls.”. My...

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