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Phonetics is the study of the sounds of language. It is the term for the description and classification of speech sounds, particularly how sounds are produced, transmitted and received.   These sounds are called phonemes. There are literally hundreds of them used in different languages.  ...view middle of the document...

It is important to know that phonetics deal with the study of the production of sounds. On the other hand, phonology deals with the study of the characteristics of sounds and their changes. This is the basic difference between phonetics and phonology. The classic generative model of linguistics provides a straightforward view of the relationship between phonetics and phonology.At least since Trubetzkoy (1933, 1939) many have thought of phonology and phonetics as separate, largely autonomous, disciplines with distinct goals and distinct methodologies. Some linguists even seem to doubt whether phonetics is properly part of linguistics at all (Sommerstein 1977:1).
Phonetics deals with the organs of sound production. The organs of sound production are mouth, tongue, throat, nose, lips and the palate. From these organs or parts in the mouth various sounds are produced. These sounds are called as gutturals, palatals, cerebrals, dentals, and labials. Gutturals are produced in the throat, palatals are produced from palate, cerebrals are produced at the roof of the...

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