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Sports Are Beneficial

Have you ever thought about why people do sports? Many people fail to find good reason. Exercise and physical activity is a very important factor in today’s world. Because of the benefits that are possible from sports involvement society needs to encourage involvement more. Children and young adults that participate in sports like activities tend to develop good habits that they continue to use into adulthood. Many people feel that sports are not beneficial and fail to become engaged. Sports involvement not only helps build healthier lifestyles but also allows people to become socially active and occasionally provide added incentives to educational costs and careers. Despite some people believing that sports participation carries negative effects as well I believe the good outweighs the bad.

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” During exercise the body releases good chemicals into the brain. Sports allow people to develop personally. Social and communication skills can be learned and developed through sports. Although there are few sports where violence is expected such as a hockey, most allow competition without violence. Teamwork is naturally learned through participating in sports. Teams of people that are strangers in the beginning build close knit relationships that build confidence and boost morale. For those lack family or have been known to help develop and mold leadership skills that many people never knew they had. Even though
are physical many notice that their self-esteem increases drastically along with their physical appearance changes. College educations have been payed for thru schools and careers have been developed from simply playing sports. A good example is Michael Jordan. Basketball has Michael Jordan’s career, and he loved every minute of it. There is currently millions of athletics that have turned into millionaires by participating in sports activities. Colleges offer scholarships for athletes that are with this opportunity having fun and making money are possible.

Despite the many positive outcomes from sports, many still believe that sports activities are not effective for everyone. People believe that if they suffer from health problems, they cannot be involved in sports. Water aerobics and lighter sports activities prove to be just a beneficial as contact sports. Starting with light exercise sports help build strength and burns calories. Special Olympics are also offered for those with special needs. Financially sports can be brake gym’s offer free or discounted physical activity programs. Sponsors or other businesses offer incentives to help pay for costs as well. People often believe that sports are only for athletes. Again local recreation centers, churches, and communities offer sports for fun.

Sports come in all forms and styles. Whether it’s football, swimming or jogging it’s meant to be fun and beneficial. Everyone can and should take part in sports! despite there being negative though, the good outweigh the bad. Sports not only helps decrease the risk of health problems but helps increase social activity and help pave the way for a prosperous future.

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