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English Month Contests And Activities Essay

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English month activities and contests
Division of Valenzuela
           Canumay West National High School
          Action Plan for English Month Celebration
Academic Year 2013-2014

English month activities and contests

A. Spelling bee -  to spell words correctly

1. Each participant should bring with him/her a 1/8 illustration board, chalk and a rag.
2. The participants will have 10 seconds to think about their answers.
3. There will be three rounds; easy, average and difficult with ten questions each.
4. Proctors will tally scores and eliminate participants after every round.
5. There will be three winners; the first, second and the ...view middle of the document...

3. Delivery (pronunciation, enunciation, voice quality) 40%, stage presence 20%,
E. Extemporaneous speech - To speak one's ideas spontaneously after a few minutes of preparation. To exhibit one's craft in organizing a meaningful speech off hand.
1. Participants will be given 15 minutes to ready their speech after the announcement of the given topic.
2. The maximum time limit for each speech is 3 minutes. Participants will be cut off if time ran out.
3. Criteria for judging will be based on content-50% delivery (pronunciation, diction, voice quality)-30% and stage presence-20%

F. Cosplay – to be able to portray chosen characters well.
1. Participants can form groups (no maximum number required).
2. Participants can portray different literary characters, as well as movie, anime, cartoon, historic, or personalities.
3. Props can also be used to add extra “wow” factor and to impress the audience.
4. The group itself will be judged as a whole and the criteria for judging is as follows:
Craftsmanship (costume, makeup, props) 40%
Characterization 30%
Stage performance 20%
Audience impact 10%

G. Scrabble board game – to be able to play and win the game of scrabble.
1. Each participant will fight against one another.
2. With every battle, the winning participant will move on and fight again with another participant.
3. The last participant who’ll win will be awarded first place, while the runner ups will be awarded the second and third place.

H. Speech choir - To develop creativity and craftsmanship among students through on stage performance.
1. There shall be one (1) contest piece. The contest piece shall be given two (2) weeks before the contest.
2. The number of contestants shall not be less than ten (10) members. Maximum is twenty (20) participants.
3. Costumes and props are allowed.
4. The criteria for judging are as follows:

Interpretation (manner in which...

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