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English Monologue Home Essay

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English Monologue

Tom the Loner, not much of a nickname to go by, but at least I had one. I guess I was the quiet one, the lonely one, the one that was barely noticed. Averagely sized, back straight, polite, but no self confidence. Primary school seemed to fly by. I was ahead of everyone, in pretty much everything. I sat in the corner every break time with my damson jam sandwiches, homemade by my dear mother, bless her. When it was sunny I sat in the school orchard, I liked the tranquillity; but when it was raining, I was forced to sit in the tiny, over populated school hall, which I hated with every ounce of my heart. I led a simple life, containing not luxuries, but necessities. I had ...view middle of the document...

As far as houses go, it wasn’t the cosiest; in fact, it was more of an eyesore. It was a prime location, 5 minutes from a shop, 5 minutes from the school, and 10 minutes from the beach. We just never had the money or the time to make it ‘fit’. With the wild ivy that grew at its own, uncontrollable pace, the fallen tree house that I’d tried and failed to build, the old pile of bricks that had tripped me countless times. I’m never going to forget - “Make the most of what you’ve got…” – My grandmother’s words still echo in my ears, I live by it.

My mother is a truly wonderful woman; she wanted nothing but the best for me and my brother Mark. She tried her best, struggling with cleaning the house, cooking dinner, as well as being the sole income for the household; she was widowed. He passed away 2 months before I was born. I’ve been told that he was a brilliant man, loved by his friends, loved by his family, loved by nature in some sense. He had the same hobbies as me, learning, reading, and writing. My mother says that I’m a spitting image of him. It was the cruel weather, crossed with the furious sea, which took him from us. But the sadness in my life keeps rolling on out.

On to my brother, Mark; he was the sporty, popular one. He came to me when he needed help with any equations, even though I was 12 and he was 6 years older. I still envied him; he had more friends than there are hairs on your head, switching from one girlfriend to another every week. He was the favourite...

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