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English Is Fun Essay

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* Hi, I’m very happy to meet you today. Can you give me your name? …. Yes, hi ( TÊN) . So, how can I help you? What happen to you?
* Oh, I’m very serious about my future. As you see, I’m in the last year at the university but up to now I don’t know what to do after leaving school.
* Oh, I think you still can be an English teacher in the furture. So, why do you worried about it?
* The main reason for this is that how can I do my job well, I have little experience so I don’t feel unconfident about myself. Can you give me some ideas?
* From my point of view, you have to plan the future scheme right now. There are many choices for U. taking a gap year is an example.
* What exactly are you getting at?
* It means that you don’t take the job immediately, spend this time on getting experiences and ...view middle of the document...

These are an indispensable factor.
* Soft skills? Do you mean these are communication skill, group skill, getting on well with your collegues?
* Yes. To sum up, I hope that these things I just told will be usesul for your plan right now.
* Thanks for your help. I think I will do that. Good bye!

- Hey, what are you thinking?
- Oh, I just think about my topic for the the examination. It was said that advertising enncourages us to buy things that we really don’t need. What is your opinion about it?
- It seems to me that it isn’t quite correct!! Because living in the world full of advanced technology, it is extremely difficult to avoid getting in touch with advertisements. On the first side, people supposed that it pushes us into purchasing things we might not need. That’s maybe right!
- Why do you think so?
- You see, as we all know, in order to attract people’s attention to buy a certain product, companies would spend large amounts of money on advertisements. Their aim is the profit. So they find anyway to persude us buy their products. If we don’t weigh carefully, maybe we will buy some unnecessary things.
- But on the other hand, other people recommend advertisements to be able to help in making our lives better. Do you agree with me?
- Yes, that’s right! Through advertising we learn about new products.
- And by watching advertisements on TV it is easy to find out about new improvements to all kinds of products. We cannot go shopping everyday so watching television, reading newspaper to have information about new products. In this case, advertising is helpful because both buyers and sellers have benefits.
- So before buying a product we should consider whether it is good or bad.
- I think that ads have many advantages beside its disadvantages. Well, I think that I have some ideas for my exam. Thank you so much!
- Yes, I must go now or I will be late for the class. Good bye!
- Bye!

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