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English 12.6

2 November 2012

Twitter Addiction

​Twitter has come to be probably the most commonly used social networking site, nearly half of twitter users view their profiles every day. Some of the users spend an unreasonable amount of their time on twitter, whiling the hours away unnoticed, while chores to go unfinished, and even going to the extent of ignoring family and friends in the real world. Although a majority of the hundreds of millions of people use twitter as a special networking device, it has several of negative impacts such as social isolation, communication problems, and health problems which profoundly impact the lives ...view middle of the document...

Twitter can result to relationship problems as it exposes one’s social life, for instance pictures of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends or flirting through direct messaging may cause tension in relationships. "For the uninitiated, here's how Twitter works - I have no f***ing idea. I have no idea how it works - or why it is." (Jon Stewart), comedian and host of The Daily Show. That is all part of exposing your life on a social networking website. The use of twitter can also cause problems at work with frequent checking tweet updates during work time. This may lead to misunderstandings between the management and staff. This is what has led to many organizations banning twitter from working places. Twitter leads to procrastination as twitter addicts find themselves too busy to attend to important and urgent matters due to being online chatting, updating tweets and retweeting other people’s information. Twitter has been in the news several times over issues of privacy; twitter makes it easy for people to access information about other people from their profiles as a majority of users tend to give out all their information on their twitter accounts. This can result to issues of surveillance and hacking. “On health issues, twitter leads to eye strain due to the amount of time spend online on the computer” (Thompson).

​"Ummm . . . I don’t think it’s as big of a dilemma as people seem to think. We haven’t focused on it yet and I can’t say for sure how it’s going to work." – (Evan Williams), Twitter co-founder and CEO, on how Twitter will make money. "Hi twitters thank you for a warm welcome Feeling Really 21st century." – (Oprah Winfrey), yes that Oprah. On Twitter There are a variety of ways which can be used to fight twitter addiction. Citation proposed that an addict should understand the symptoms of twitter addiction and assert that it is necessary to make changes, re-examine your priorities, spend more time with family and friends to keep your mind off the computer, look for another outlet in life or learn new items, limit the amount of time spent checking your account, instead of using twitter to communicate with your friends, “Send them text messages or call them so as to reduce the time spend online, and lastly seek professional help” (Fenichel).

Twitter is a social structure online made up of particular organizations or individuals which are connected through common interests, relationship beliefs, or friendship. The term social network was first termed by J. A. Barnes in 1954. He associated the term with the patterns and concepts use by the public and his fellow social scientists that tied them to one another. Now in 2012 people usually relate to a social network by thinking of twitter. The websites has grown so large and fast in the past decade that there have even been movies made about their success with a list actors competing for lead roles. It seems that the whole world has gotten caught up with this so-called Twitter and Internet...

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