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Of Mice and Men opens with a description of the setting of the story written in a sort of timeless zone not a tense, simply illustrating the scenery and creating an image for the reader to imagine. The beginning is like the creation story, unfolding all the life around. Starting with the plants and tree’s
‘Willows fresh and green with every spring’ and moving to the animals
‘Rabbits came out of the brush’, this is sort of like the evolution of time, starting with the simpler life forms and moving on until Steinbeck finally reaches the last creation, the people.
Steinbeck does not give the names of the characters straight away; this may be for a sense of mystery and also to ...view middle of the document...

When they stop to drink the small man steps nervously to the water, which gives the impression that he is a forward thinker and is very cautious of his surroundings, this is when we learn their names as the small man shouts ‘Lennie’ to his companion. The mans first words prove that he is the leader and possibly responsible for the other man because he is looking out for him
‘Lennie, for God’ sakes don’t drink so much’; this signifies that he is like Lennie’s carer watching out for him and stopping him doing anything stupid.
The small man, which we find out is called George takes small sips of water, and is very weary about it claiming it looks scummy and that it may not be that good for them where as Lennie drinks rapidly and carelessly
‘Drank with long gulps, snorting the water like a horse’ these phrases signify two things, firstly that George is very up tight and careful about what he is doing, looking at the water and taking small chary sips compared to Lennie who is very light-hearted and relaxed, taking long gulps of water, not caring whether it is a bit dirty or not. Also the phrase, ‘ snorting water like a horse’ relates back to the fact that Lennie is very animal like, walking like a bear, drinking like a horse and his character is sort of the dog being led by George who is his master.
The relationship between the two is obvious from the beginning of the story, they are close companions and although George is looking out for Lennie on the whole, because Lennie is slightly dense, the favour does actually go both ways. Lennie tries his best at looking out for George and caring for him
‘You take a good big drink’ this displays his care and devotion for George, making sure he is happy and wanting him to have a drink so that he stays healthy. Lennie also idolises and follows George
‘Lennie, who had been watching, imitated George exactly the same’, Lennie is very affectionate towards George and copies his every move, when they get up from drinking Lennie copies him and then checks to see if he did everything right, then replaces his hat the same way George has it. This again shows how much he cares for him and wants...

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