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English Essay Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

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English Essay - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

Every child has a vivid imagination and a specific moment in their childhood where they were gathered about a fellow-feeling of entering into the spirit of a play or game . You had a specific but important role in the game . But just as fast as the idea was formed , just as quick the play stopped. The children were growing up, and this perfect game was getting hard to play. In this short story the main character Sara's brother Terry dies and then Sara has to deal with this grief of losing a family member and this tragic event stopped the children from playing . Sara felt left behind ad must ...view middle of the document...

Suddenly Marks friend Peter died in a car accident and Sara helped Mark getting through the grief, Sara remembers how unreal death could be to a child. "And I don't think Mark spoke very much of any friends ever since then" (page 4 ll148-149) All old feelings about Terry's death blushed from Sara's inside when death confronts her again. Both deaths were parallel to each other but in different stages. The story could be split into 3 different stages of grief. The structure in the text is important to the symbolic in the short story. First how to get over the shock of death, then how to cope with death and at last how to live with death. The effect of this was that the focus of the story became the emotional madness that Sara experienced and creates a deeper understanding of death and all its following consequences in life.
The title is important for the structure of the text "Divorced, beheaded, survived" is a symbol of Sara and Terry . Sara survived the grief and Terry survived in her memory the same with her son and his friend Peter. Later in the text a kid whom Sara played their game with "Johnny Sanderson" corrected the name of their play to ; divorced, beheaded, died. A symbol of Terry and Peters death. (The symbol of the beheading is a symbol of Terry's death) Terry was the best to play Anne Boleyn. Because the last wife of Henry Vlll died of natural causes. The structure was in its own way a symbol to illustrate Sara's struggle with moving on, the structure showed that she looked back to her past in a sad remembrance.
The structure in...

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