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English Essay

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conflict used effectively creates suspense. First, before the attack, the conflict is apparent and quickly creates tension in the readers. The Mau Mau resent the presence of the British colonialists in Kenya, and they are determined to get rid of them by killing them. When the story begins, the tribal leaders and his men are keeping a close watch on the Luker house while the general works out his plan to murder the white woman and her child. The situation has the readers wondering what will happen to the family being targeted. Second, during the attack the African tribe attempts to assassinate the mother and child, and the conflict intensifies when they are confronted by an enemy who is armed and ready. Nancy, wields her revolver skillfully to wound and kill ht e many tribesman strategically positioned in the rose bushes under the window and the front door. During the ...view middle of the document...

The readers then notice that Githogo isn’t hesitant about killing another British. Githogo compromises with Kahera about killing Nancy and her child, which makes him seem fiercer. Second, not only does Githogo murder white people, but he is willing to kill black mens of his kind to get to the British. Kenanjui is black and has been threatened that he would be killed if he didn't obey and help murder the Luker family from Githogo.
The reader finalizes that Githogo is an extremely fierce man who has assassinated a hundred Kikuyu and is definitively willing to get through anything to get what he desires. The conflict does expose the antagonist's fierceness very clearly and help to keep the reader interested.

Conflict is used effectively to highlight the protagonist's strengths. First, Nancy seems to be a caring, yet daring woman who will do anything to save and protect those for who she cares. Nancy tells her child that once she hears gunshots to run and dig herself a hole like a fox in a story she had told her. The readers learn that Nancy is very intelligent, and careful about her actions. Both Kenanjui and Nancy plan a secret code. "Memsahib, I think I am dying" (.....). The code was said in another language as a set up for the both of them to understand that danger surrounds them and that men are hiding in the bushes around the house. The protagonist then proves that she is ingenious.(CHECK) Second, Nancy's strength does not only revolve around intelligence, but she is brave and determined. Nancy proves herself by facing many tribesmen who have wanted to attack her and the child. She faced against the strongest of the men there, for instance, Nancy had faced against Githogo, the man who has murdered many of his and British people. The readers  suddenly get hit by the shock that Nancy kills  Githogo from a bullet inside his head. The protagonist is determined that she can continue and get through the fight against the rest of the tribe and succeeds to the end. The protagonists' determination and intelligence show who is Nancy and is developed properly from the conflict.

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