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English Composition I C455 Essay

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Video Gaming Addiction and its Effects on Job Performance, Interpersonal Social Interaction, and Marriages
Western Governors University

Video Gaming Addiction and its Effects
Within society there are several addictions that plague us and are mainly associated with substance abuse. There are addictions to drugs, alcohol, food and multiple others that are too numerous to list. However, within this century we have seen the rise of video game addiction among the young, the old, male and female. Video game addiction is related to other underlying disorders such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, other anxiety disorders, and impulse control disorders (Oggins, 2012). The ...view middle of the document...

Video games used as a form of entertainment have positive effects such as enjoyment of the game itself, opening up their circle of friends outside of our immediate geographical area, and the ease of access to this form of entertainment. However, the effects on those that form addictions can create negative aspects in their lives. These negative impacts have even spurred governments and healthcare providers to take notice and to take steps to address this issue in order to find ways to alleviate the problem. In South Korea internet gaming addiction is of great concern for the public health, 24% of the children that have been diagnosed with an addiction are hospitalized for treatment (Kuss, 2013).
The popularity of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) have given an avenue to feed this addiction. Games such as EverQuest (EQ) and World of Warcraft (WoW), both MMORPGs, have grown immensely in popularity. In a report from the Entertainment Software Association the World of Warcraft’s release of “Cataclysm” was among the top five game titles sold in 2011 with an estimated of eight million players immersing themselves in the WoW virtual world in 2013 (Kuss 2013). These MMORPG’s have a broad appeal to players through several different aspects of the games. The player can concentrate on achieving in game goals, developing social contacts through joining a Guild, and immersing themselves in this new world that has been created for them.
The games start out with easy tasks to accomplish in order to advance quickly through the lower levels. Through this procession the player gains more abilities and powers that can be used for their character in the game. As they continue through this path of ‘leveling up’ in the beginning their need to achieve grows and this creates positive feeling in the player (Chappell 2006). They continue to build upon this in game character and as they do so the tasks get more difficult as with the ability to gain new powers. As the player advance his/her character the game introduces the need to play in cooperation with others to achieve in game goals. This brings in the social aspect of the game.
Loss of Interpersonal Social Interaction
Within the game the players have the ability to join ‘Guilds’ that relate to the type of character, avatar, which is being played. These Guilds provide the social aspect of the game in giving the player the ability to interact with other players and to team up to achieve goals that will advance not only their character but the Guild itself. These in game friendships not only exist in the game but may spill out in to their own lives and relationships. A need to be loyal to the player’s Guild and to support it in their goals becomes inter-connected with the social aspect of the game. These new found friendships and attachments can adversely affect the player by creating the need for excessive playing and a retreat from real life as to not let down the...

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