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English And Literature Essay

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Book Report: America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan
1. Setting:
Binalonan, Puzzorobio, San Manuel, Tayug, Mangusmana, Baguio, Lingayen, Seattle, Washington, Cannery in Alaska, Stockton, California, Klamath Falls, Oregon, San Luis Obispo, California, Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California
2. Characters:
Carlos- is called Allos by his family and friends in the Philippines. He is the main character of the book. He described his early life in the Philippines, where children were put to work as soon as they can. He did what he can to help his family to survive. He lived and worked on the farm with his father while his mother lived in the town with his older brother and ...view middle of the document...

When she finds that he likes books, she arranges for him to work at the library also.
Conrado Torres- is a journalism student at the University of Oregon who first meets Carlos at the Alaskan cannery. Conrado is interested in organizing the workers and is part of the command group that works for union organization. He is also active in working for the Filipino citizenship bill.
Alfredo- is a friend of Amado. He and Amado work as bootleggers and then as gamblers. Alfredo eventually lives off of prostitutes in the Santa Barbara area.
Nick- is a friend of Macario's who is living in the hotel room with the group when Carlos arrives. He is also Jose's brother. Nick is prominent in the union organization movement and serves as a union official until he is ousted.
Claro- owns a restaurant in Stockton when he first meets Carlos. He feeds Carlos and warns him about the Chinese gambling lords and dance halls. When Claro meets Carlos again, Claro is leading a strike of asparagus workers in Stockton. Carlos has to flee the area since the newspapers described him as a Filipino communist without mentioning his name.
Jose- is Nick's brother and a friend of Macario. He is also a member of the group living in the hotel room with Macario when Carlos arrives. Jose travels around the western area of the U.S. looking for work with Carlos.
Mariano- is also a friend of Macario's and a part of the group living in the hotel room when Carlos arrives. Mariano is also active in the union organization movement and the Filipino citizenship movement.
Pascual- is a San Luis Obispo Filipino lawyer and newspaper publisher. He is also a socialist. He gives Carlos the name of Carl and has him write for his paper. When he has a stroke Jose and Carlos take over the editorial functions and Gazamen and Pascual's wife, Lucille, perform the business manager functions for the paper.
Lucille- is Pascual's wife. After his death, she moves the newspaper to San Francisco and runs it there.
Gazamen- is also a member of the group that is living in the hotel room when Carlos arrives. Gazamen comes and goes and he also travels around working wherever he finds a job. He works for the Filipino paper owned by Pascual and helps Lucille with the business management functions after Pascual has a stroke.
Alice Odell- Alice meets Carlos after he is diagnosed with tuberculosis. She is a writer who becomes friends with Carlos and visits while he is ill and brings him books. She leaves for a job on the East Coast and has her sister Eileen visit Carlos and bring books. She moves to the Soviet Union.
Eileen Odell- is Alice's sister. Alice asks Eileen to visit Carlos and bring him books when she leaves. Eileen and Carlos become friends with Eileen visiting every week when Carlos is in the hospital for two years and continues for a total of three years.
Victor- is Macario's roommate when Carlos is released from the hospital. He helps care for Carlos after he returns home.
Ronald Patterson- is a...

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