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English And French Cuisine Essay

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English and French Cuisine
Tony McDermott
University of Northern Iowa
April 18th, 2014

English Food Background
English cuisine consists of the cooking styles, traditions and recipes that have their origins in England and surrounding countries. Many of the ingredients and ideas were imported from places such as China, North America, and India during the British Empire as a result immigration after the war (“Ploughman’s Lunch- Icons of England”, 2007).
English food was historically characterized by its simplicity and reliance on high quality of natural produce during the Early Modern Period. Many of the qualities taken from this era can still be found in modern recipes for bread, ...view middle of the document...

It is often times a multi-course meal, with lighter food items such as fruit or cereal being eaten as a type of appetizer. Full English breakfasts are usually saved for days when there is more time to prepare them on non-working days in the home. You can also find this category of breakfast at restaurants and cafes. Some restaurants even specialize in the “full monty” (Popular British dishes, 2009).
Figure-1: Full English Breakfast
(Photograph by Tarquin Binary)
Afternoon Tea
The long thought rumor that English people stop for a mid-day teatime and meal is, in fact, now a myth among British Culture. Although, the mid-afternoon meal used to be popular, it is no long the case in the workplace. Afternoon tea is now more for the amusement of tourists and towns like Devon and Cornwall participate in this mealtime (Rayner, 2002). Pastry items like scones and jam, fairy cakes, and sponge cake are served along-side biscuits and finger sandwiches. For the most part, this long-time forgotten meal has been replaced by snacking throughout the day.

Figure-2: Afternoon Tea
(Photograph by Joyosity)

The Sunday Roast
The Sunday roast used to be the most identifiable item of English cooking. The meal is traditionally eaten every Sunday. It includes roasted potatoes along-side roasted meat such as beef, lamb, duck, pork, or chicken and an assortment of boiled vegetables with gravy. Various sauces and jellies are used based on the type of meat. Some examples would include horseradish or mustard for beef, mint sauce for lamb, cranberry sauce for turkey and apple sauce for pork. Yorkshire pudding, made from a batter, is usually served with the meal as well. Gravy is made from meat juices in the pan by adding water or wine. Game meats are also sometimes served with the meal but only rare occasions.
The history of the Sunday roast dinner is relates to the housewife's practice of performing the weekly wash on Mondays. The leftovers from the Sunday roast made for easy preparation of meal when the housewife would clean on Mondays. Sunday used to be the only rest day of the week. It was also showed that the household was rich enough to afford the cost of an extravagant meal (Popular British dishes, 2009).
Figure-3: Sunday Roast
(Photography by Adactio)
English Dessert
Traditional desserts or “puddings” are generally served hot and are very rich in flavor. There are many variations of this course, the most popular being variations suet pudding; a boiled or steam pudding made with beef fat, flour, bread crumbs, raisins and spices. Popular suet puddings include Jam Roly-Poly; a suet pudding spread with jam and rolled and spotted dick which contains dried fruit. Summer pudding and bread and butter pudding are both desserts that contain a variety of ingredients poured over bread. Sponge cake, has the same texture of that which it sounds: a sponge. Crumbles, including rhubarb crumble have a crunchy topping over fruit. Other desserts include apple pie,...

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