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Chapter One An Introduction to Academic Writing
This chapter will explain
• the importance of supporting a point in writing
• the structure of the traditional essay
• the benefits of writing the traditional essay
The Structure of a Traditional Essay
Diagram 图解
Title of the Essay
I. Introduction
• Opening remarks to catch reader’s interest
• Thesis statement
• Plan of development (optional)
II. Body
• Topic sentence 1(supporting point 1)
specific evidence
• Topic sentence 2(supporting point 2)
specific evidence
• Topic sentence 3(supporting point 3)
specific evidence
III. Conclusion
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General subject: Sports
Limited subject: Sports Fans
Thesis: Football fans are insane.
Thesis statement: Football fans behave insanely, they are insane about the past, and they are insanely loyal.
Common Errors in Writing a Thesis
1. Announcements Rather Than Statements
• The subject of this paper will be my parents.
• I want to talk about the crime wave in our country
• The “baby boom” generation is the concern of this essay
2. Statements That Are Too Broad
• My parents have been the most influential people in my life.
• Crime is a major concern of everyone in our country
• The “baby boom” generation has changed history
3. Statements That Are Too Narrow
• My parents had only one child.
• In the last year there have been over twenty robberies in our neighborhood.
• The members of the post-World War II “baby boom” make up the largest single age group in the United States.
4. Statements That Contain More Than One Idea
• My parents helped me grow in important ways, although in other respects I was limited.
• The problem of overcrowded American prison must be solved, and judges must start handing out tougher sentences.
• The “baby boom”generation has had many advantages, but it also faces many problems.

Step 2: Support the Thesis with Specific Evidence
Just as a thesis must be developed with supporting points, each supporting point must be developed with specific details. They are valuable in two ways. First , details excite the reader’s interest. Second, details serve to explain a writer’s points.
Chapter Four The Third Step in Essay Writing
This chapter will show you how to
• organize and connect specific evidence in the body paragraphs of an essay
• begin and end an essay with effective introductory and concluding paragraphs
Step 3: Organize and connect the specific evidence
Common methods of organization:
• Time/chronological order
• Emphatic order
• A combination of both
• Time/chronological order
Thesis: To exercise successfully, you should follow a simple plan consisting of arranging the time, making preparations, and warming up properly.
Supporting points:
a. To begin with, set aside a regular hour for exercise.
b. Next, prepare for your exercise session.
c. Finally, do a series of warm-up activities.
• Emphatic order
Thesis: Celebrities lead very stressful lives
Supporting points:
a. For one thing, celebrities don’t have the privacy an ordinary person does.
b. In addition, celebrities are under constant pressure.
c. Most important, celebrities must deal with the stress of being in constant danger.
Activity: Use time or emphatic order to organize the scrambled lists of supporting ideas below.
I. Thesis: Applying for unemployment benefits was a confusing, frustrating experience.
a. It was difficult to find both the office and a...

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