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English 102 Essay

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English 102
27 February 2015

If You Forget Me

Imagery is one of the most common figures of speech used in poetry. A lot of authors think imagery makes it easier for their readers to understand what the poem is saying and it also gives the readers a better visual of the picture. There is plenty of ways poets use imagery to show the different types of emotions going on in the poem. Imagery is one of the many ways in literature that tests the reader’s imagination. “If You Forget Me” by Pablo Neruda is a very well known written poem by him.  In this poem Neruda uses imagery of nature to explain a time when he fell in love with a woman. The imagery of “the wrinkled ...view middle of the document...

Some times the love that slowly fades away cannot be controlled, the palpable fire and the wrinkled log are examples used to illustrate an idea of absent love. The Imagery shown in “the palpable fire” and “wrinkled log” lets the readers know that Neruda had once found love, but lost it.  Neruda explains that these two aspects love will eventually disappear, and that everybody will have to experience the feeling once in a lifetime. A lot of well-written poems now a day have a setting to let the reader know where and when the poem took place. Neruda uses imagery in the second stanza to make a picture of the time for his readers, “at the crystal moon, at the red branch/ at the slow autumn at my window”(5-6). When Neruda talks about the crystal moon and “the slow autumn” it lets’ his readers know the time of year. The examples of imagery he uses in the two stanza gives the poem a setting, letting the reader know where the poem took place. The time and place of when this poem took place lets the reader know that time of the season is fall. The setting of any poem is very important because it puts a big effect on the story and plot. The imagery that is expressed in this poem lets the readers have a visual of how Neruda felt.

In the second part of the poem Neruda uses imagery to describe a vivid picture for the readers, “ aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail towards those isles of yours that wait for me.” (12-16) He uses this image to describe the little boats and isles as symbols that drift there way uncontrollably back to his thoughts of her. Using the boats as a symbol, Neruda lets his readers know that no matter what he is always thinking of his love towards her even if he tries not to. All the information that Neruda gives his readers about the boat lets’ them think, about how there are plenty of different meanings behind the quote. Neruda’s use of imagery mentally takes the readers away so they are the ones who know exactly how these little metal boats look in which he describes. Neruda gives a very clear message and focuses on the small details because it is very important when trying to have the readers relate to what he is discussing. When readers can easily relate to the image it will make it easier for them to receive the message the author is trying the send out.

It is very frustrating for people to move on from things they become very attached too. Whether it is a daily activity, a relationship, or even an addiction it becomes very familiar and hard for many people to move on and forget about it. The very next line in Neruda’s poem is an example of him not being able to move on, “Of the heart where I have roots,/ remember/ that on that day,/ at that hour,/ I shall lift my arms/ and my roots will set off/ to seek another land.”(29-35) The imagery of the roots expresses the love he had for her. While a picture drawn of him letting go and moving on to search for a new love is...

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