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English 101 Streecar Named Desire Essay

780 words - 4 pages

Tom Ciocia

English 102

Professor Melo


A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

Throughout the play Blanche compare’s Stanley’s behavior as animalistic. In many different situations throughout the play Stanley prove’s Blanche’s Ideal of how he acts as an animal. I believe that this is true based on how blanche describes him in these situations.
The first instance where Stanley show’s how he act’s like an animal, is in the opening scene of Blanche Stella and Stanley all being together. In this scene he throw’s a piece of meat at stella as if he is an ape. Stella seem’s to show no regard to Stanley’s behavior. Blanche on the other hand is completely shocked and cant imagine ...view middle of the document...

This old maid, she had a parrot that cursed a blue streak and knew more vulgar expressions than Mr. Kowalski!.....Apparently Mr. Kowalski was not amused.” (115). In this scene Blanche make’s a direct joke toward’s Stanley about him being a Parrot because he is loud and obnoxious, and say’s what ever is on his mind regardless of how it is going to effect other people. This insight toward’s Stanley, tell’s us that Blanche think’s he is nothing but a no good Parrot who should keep his mouth shut. I agree with her and think that blanche compare’s him to a parrot in this scene because she believe’s that parrot’s are not the most elegant of animal’s as they are trying to be something they are not. An example of this is when they repeat whatever is said to them without hesitation or filtering of any vulgar language, like the way Stanley talk’s to Stella in a harsh manner showing his dominance.
In the following scene Stanley is described once more as an animal. In this scene he is shown to be just like a pig. He is described as being disgustingly greasy and having no...

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