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English 101 Essay

745 words - 3 pages

America Rodriguez
Marketing Management 309E-01
Professor Aiello
December 6, 2014

Keurig Coffee Makers
Over the past few years, Keurig’s single-serve coffee pods and machines have been popping up in homes and offices across the country. These fairly new products put a spin on an old staple, and they’ve taken the coffee industry by storm since their introduction to the market. Keurig (derived from the Dutch word for “excellence”) has become a household name in the last few years, but the popular coffee makers were actually developed over two decades ago by a pair of college roommates named Peter Dragone and John Sylvan. The team came up with the concept to solve a common problem. ...view middle of the document...

The marketing mix for Keurig
The first component of the marketing mix is product. The Keurig is a fast brewing single serve coffee brewing system. The product offers many features and is designed to help consumers live a better, more comfortable life. The Keurig coffee maker would be classified as a shopping product because this is a product that will be purchased infrequently and the consumer is likely to do a certain amount of comparison-shopping on the basis of quality, price, and style.
The second component of the marketing mix is price. Based on its unique selling proposition as the first, best, single serve brewing system Keurig is currently using a value-based pricing strategy for their Keurig machines. The Keurig quality is a large part of the value the consumer expects to pay for and receive when purchasing this product. The third component of the marketing mix is place. The Keurig machines are distributed through both indirect marketing channels (select grocery stores and national retailers), as well as directly from Keurig, using the selective distribution strategy. This ensures the product is visible and available to consumers at more than one, but not all, retailers and enables Keurig to maintain the perception of value the...

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