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Assignment 1: Business Analysis

Alcatel Lucent Technologies is a builder of network base stations, towers, and end to end networks IP solutions for the construction of 3G/4G wire and wireless technologies. Alcatel-Lucent Technologies have unique research environment; Bell Labs. Employments benefits and multi-cultural environment are key merits at Alcatel-Lucent Technologies. Workforce reduction process and lack of strategic business decision are the main drawbacks of Alcatel-Lucent Technologies. With Nokia acquiring of Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, a new giant company is formed to better compete with infrastructure telecommunications as Cisco, and Ericson.
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It covers wide range of technologies from mobility, physics, optical, data and voice/video networking technologies as well as software services to develop next-generation technologies. Alcatel-Lucent has a good employment benefits, including base salary, retirement package, vacation days, work flexibility and annual bonus. Multi-cultural environment at Alcatel-Lucent is one of the company strength.
Although the telecommunication industries moves aggressively to 4G (fourth mobile generation), Alcatel-Lucent Technologies continues to invest in CDMA 3G (code division multiple access third mobile generation). Similarly, fixed line portfolio of Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, including optics division and its legacy wireline business were seen as lagging the industry direction. Lack of management strategic vision and critical time business decisions caused losses in many of the Alcatel-Lucent annul financial results. Over the past few years, Alcatel-Lucent laid off employees in multiple countries including European, North America, and Middle East. Alcatel-Lucent could not keep remaining employees engaged, motivated and productive. Consistent slow layoff caused low morale, less productivity in research oriented company, and losing key talent.
Three business actions to overcome the factors mentioned above.
Nokia completed its all-stock acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) in January 2016. Nokia shall achieve synergies and market opportunities with Alcatel-Lucent Technologies that it cannot possibly achieve alone. Nokia expects to achieve cost savings of nearly $1 billion annually by 2019, which will mean much higher margins for the combined company.
Although Nokia has bad publicity reputation about force reduction, Nokia philosophy is different than Alcatel-Lucent in the layoff process. For example, Nokia is usually doing...

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