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Engineering Education My Expectations Essay

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India is fast and ever developing country. Engineers are the backbone of its development. Engineering education has been one of the most wanted and rewarding career options all over the world for the creative and intelligent students with passion for innovation. The inventions of engineering can be seen around the world. We have to thank engineers for developments of machines and many more appliances of everyday use that make our life so easy. Today, it is hard to imagine a world without engineering inventions.
The world of engineering is fast paced and ever changing. It started playing key roll centuries ago in changing and developing the world.
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India’s growth rate for engineering degree is higher as compared to other countries like the USA, Japan, UK etc but we lack in providing quality education.

According to me in nutshell, my expectations in engineering education are as under:

* Admission procedure needs to be reviewed. There should an aptitude test in stage I and Knowledge test in stage II for those who qualify the stage I.
* Improve over Vance of institutions and attracting and retaining faculty.
* Improve training and professional enrichment of the faculty.
* Quality researches must be encouraged by fellowship providing good research facilities, facilitating challenging career after Ph D etc.
* Engineering institutions must be well equipped with all sophisticated training material.
* Modernized class rooms must be established for better training environment
* There must be periodical review of the syllabi and the training material & techniques
* Training must be less theoretical and more practical.
* Training...

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