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Eng 102 Essay

822 words - 4 pages

1. Name your primary text. (Berger, Anzaldua, Porchia, Carson, Freire, Butler)

Freire, “The Banking Concept of Education”

2. Free write about the following: Why have you chosen this essay to focus on? What list of issues are key to the essay you've chosen? Which issues seem most important to you?

I want to explore the concepts of praxis and poesies in education. Freire claims that the Banking Concept of the education represses students from praxis. I want to explore in what sense because education even in the Banking method requires practice, at least even in becoming a better memorizer. If the students are engaging in praxis then is there any poesies happening? Are the ...view middle of the document...

Why is it that some students do significantly higher than others on these exams? Could it be that the masses are taught Banking Concept of Education as Freire suggests (which serves as a tool of oppression)? And are the elite (ruling class – “the oppressors”) taught problem posing education so they learn the tools needed to solve the type of questions on standardized tests?

So the issues I will be exploring are:
- Banking Concept
- Problem Posing (Critical thinking)
- Standardized Tests (LSAT, GRE, SAT, GMAT) research on statistics, demographics, diversity (English as first or second language) will look at TOFL and ACT (these are standardized tests for foreign students so will look at what demographics perform well over seas and see if this is a global trend)

3. Quote, at length, one passage that will be key to your analysis.

“The students are not called upon to know, but to memorize the contents narrated by the teacher. Nor do the students practice any act of cognition, since the object towards which that act should be directed is the property of the teacher rather than a medium evoking the critical reflection of both teacher and students (Freire, 324)”

4. Perform a notice and focus on this passage. What have you focused on here? What questions does this focus raise? (Make a list.)

-student v. teacher
-know v. not know
-memorize v. critical reflection
- Cognition – the act or process of knowing (the act would be praxis and the telos would be to know)
-Knowledge is distributed by teacher...

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