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Energy & Sustainable Development Essay

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MIT Portugal Program on Sustainable Energy Systems – Energy, Environment and Sustainability, 2011-2012



Cristina I. F. Andrade
FEUP University of Porto Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n 4200-465, Porto, Portugal. Phone: +351225081895, Fax: +351225081503

In this paper it's done an approach of the different kind of concerns of developing and developed countries to lead to sustainable development. It has a first chapter about the roles for development, after one about sustainable development with an analysis of a triangle of sustainable development and indicators. It‟s also talked the main utilizations of the energy, about the points where we ...view middle of the document...

There are some cases that demonstrate how it is possible to resolve the problems, enabling easy access to energy on developing countries through intermediate technologies and awareness of the habitants on the developed countries to be conscious and try to be sufficient in the use of energy.

Sustainable Development, Energy on households, Intermediate Technologies

MIT Portugal Program on Sustainable Energy Systems – Energy, Environment and Sustainability, 2011-2012


2. DEVELOPMENT There are direct and indirect roles that should be followed on a way of the world development:  Access to energy facilitates economic development: access to grid energy means that value-adding income generating activities are enhanced. Micro-enterprise/livelihood activities can be extended beyond daylight hours, creating additional employment opportunities.  Access to energy reduces hunger and improves access to safe drinking water: energy services can improve access to safe drinking water through pumping facilities.  Access to energy reduces disease and reduces child mortality: energy is a key component of a functioning health system, through refrigerating medicines, sterilizing equipment and providing transport to clinics.  To achieve universal primary education and the empowerment of women: energy reduces the time spent by women and children on basic survival activities (fetching water, firewood, cooking etc); lighting permits improved levels of home study for children.  More efficient use of energy promotes environmental sustainability: improved energy efficiency and use of cleaner alternative forms of energy helps to achieve a more sustainable use of natural resources and reduces harmful emissions.  Access to energy for affordable transport enhances urban mobility: improved urban mobility allows better access to wider employment and other economic opportunities within the city. Societies should have access to energy to be developed, so that they can develop its economies, to have access to drink water, take care of health and promote education and mobility. They should have also a more efficient use of energy to take care of the environment. 3. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The sustainable development triangle, Figure 1, makes the correlation between the 3 aspects of sustainability.

Source: (Munasinghe, 2007)

Figure 1 - Sustainable development triangle

Between Social and Environmental aspects the concern is about values and culture that should be intrinsic on all societies, taking care of the environment to exists intra generational equity. Between Social and Economical aspects the concern is about basic needs and livehoods that should be accessed to all societies to exists intra generational equity. And also inter-generational equity because if a society doesn't have access to basic needs nowadays, it won't be concerned about the needs of future generations. Between Economic and Environmental aspects the concern is about the...

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