Energy Resource Plan Essay

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Energy Resource Plan

In this day and age there are many things that are harmful to this beautiful planet that we live on. But there is something that we can all do to assist in preserving our planet for the future and that is energy conservation. Energy conservation in vital to our lives and keeping our planet beautiful for our children and grandchildren. In the last 10 years energy prices have risen tremendously and have had a negative effect on every one of us. If we are able to conserve energy and actually use less every one of us would be saving money on a daily basis. Whether we are talking about having electricity, heating our homes, or having fuel for our vehicles to get to and from work it is all very expensive. We also have to realize that a most of the energy that we utilize to heat our homes as well as put in our vehicles is non-renewable and will one day be completely gone.
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As well as coal which is burned to make energy for heat and fuel various motor vehicles like coal burning trains.
There are methods that every one of us can do to conserve energy and in turn save money for all of us. One major change we can all make is to dress a little warmer in the winter and lighter in the summer and not put the heat on so high in our homes or the air conditioners temperature set so low. If we all do this our heating bills and electric bills in the summer would be tremendously lower. Another option that we have is to utilize public transportation and use our personal vehicles less then we do, this will greatly lower the amount of gasoline we consume on a daily basis. Something else that we can all do to conserve energy is make sure our homes are well insulated and that there are no major leaks in our windows, doors, and attics where our heating and air conditioning can escape. If everyone of us attempt all three of these energy saving methods we will all save a bunch of money as well as help the environment by releasing less byproducts of these energies into the atmosphere.
But we can not do this alone; we will need the assistance of the federal government. For instance if the government can implement some type of rebate program for people that use under a certain amount of electricity per year as well as offering assistance to homeowners who want to install solar or wind power devices in their homes. Imagine how much energy we would save if even 10% of the population installed solar energy in their homes.
If we are able to lessen our dependence on non-renewable resources we would not only be helping the planet and the environment but we would be saving a tremendous amount of money for our families. If we all do our part to contribute and if we are able to get the government to give assistance we will be saving the planet. Let’s not forget that a greener planet is a happier planet.

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