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Energy Resource Challenges Essay

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Week Eight Checkpoint
Energy Resource Challenges
Cindy Walker

Conserving energy is a key factor in the improvement of the planet in which we live. I practice conserving energy by doing little things such as turning lights off when I leave the room and turning the heat or the air conditioner down a little lower than I normally would. I believe if everyone in the world would take these little steps we can make a momentous impact on the environment. Natural gas and oil are the most common natural resources used to run our homes efficiently. Consequently, these natural resources can and will run out in the future if we do not begin to conserve today.
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However, after completing an environmental science course, I realized I wasn’t being resourceful; instead I was being quite wasteful. I realized that buying a large amount of cheap trendy clothes was costing me more money and creating more trash than buying higher quality clothing. I noticed that the cheap clothes could only be worn a couple of times before they began to fade and get thrown away. So, at the beginning of the summer I went out and brought my girls higher quality clothing; I brought each of them 15 outfits for the entire summer. This decision made a tremendous difference! My challenge to myself paid off, I was able to save money and enjoy the summer with my girls without constantly buying new clothes. Surprisingly the higher quality clothing lasted the whole summer and is nice enough to wear next summer. Since my girls are so close in age I am able to renew and reuse the clothing next summer. I realized hand-me-downs are not so bad if they are still in good condition. I am looking forward to next summer when I only have to buy clothes for one daughter (my oldest), instead of all three. The younger two will look darling in high quality recycled clothes which I have stored for them to use next summer!
In conclusion I must say that “Going Green Means Saving Green!” Not only did I save money by not buying large amounts of clothing, I was also able to save energy and water because there not many clothes to wash. We only have one Earth, we must do our best to keep it prosperous for the future; if we are good to the Earth then the Earth will be good to us.

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