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Energy Independence Essay

1549 words - 7 pages

Cannabis: Right or Wrong?

Zachary Kountz

Dr. Gose
English 1010-017
3 December 2012

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Thesis statement: Many people argue that marijuana is a mind-altering, dangerous 22, and should remain illegal. This hasty generalization is not correct. Marijuana has many beneficial attributes,18 therefore28 it should be legalized.
Marijuana used for health benefits.
The applications of Marijuana.
Marijuana as a stress reliever.
Marijuana increase sick patients appetite.
Medical marijuana can improve patients quality of life.
Marijuana allows patients to maintain nutrition
Marijuanas impact on the United States ...view middle of the document...

Kountz 1
Cannabis: Right or Wrong?
Since the mid 1900’s, cannabis and other recreational drugs have been illegal in the United States of America. Many people argue that marijuana is a 39b mind altering, dangerous, and should remain illegal. This hasty generalization is not correct. Marijuana has many beneficial attributes, 18 careful! Therefore28 (attributes, therefore; ) it should be legalized. TS Marijuana has various medicinal applications. If legalized, it could also help our economy. Also (Also,) 28b 28 legalizing marijuana would help decrease the level of violence created by Mexican cartels smuggling drugs into America.
First, throughout time recreational drugs such as marijuana has15 (have) 15a been used as a medicinal tool in various cultures. According to (, 46 in Africa “Witch Doctors”33 smoke marijuana in pipes during ceremonies in their villages.20a (villages) 20a In America, marijuana has more practical applications. Medical marijuana is given to cancer patients to increase their appetites and25a (to) (and to relieve) 25a relieve the stress of treatment. Medical marijuana(,when used for pain management(,) 21d21d) can improve a persons30(person's) 30a quality of life without some of the serious side effects40b (effects) 40b that come with pharmaceutical pills. Many people speculate that medical marijuana is solely to get “High”.(high) 37a 37/33 There is some truth in this speculation. The “high” 37 (feeling of euphoria) 37a is the purpose of medical marijuana. Once someone smokes, dopamine is increased in the brain, giving the consumer a light-headed feeling that relieves stress. After this “high”37 (feeling) 37a is dissipated, one begins to get very hungry. Since loss of appetite is a very common side-effect40 (side effect) 40d of cancer treatment, marijuana can help patients maintain body weight by increasing their appetites. 20A (appetites) 20a
Secondly, the United States is in a recession. Legalizing marijuana country wide40 (country-wide) 40d may aid in our financial recovery. For example, suppose that every state opens 20 36 marijuana distribution centers. Each one of these centers would require 50 36 full time40d employees. If these employees were paid $25,000 each year, this would generate 50,000 36 new jobs in America. These new jobs would
Kountz 2
help generate growth in other sectors of the economy as well. In addition, the government could tax every gram of marijuana sold. 8g In turn, helping our economy climb out of the financial hole we have gotten ourselves into as a nation.17 Our country is now $16,000,000,000 in debt. Legalizing and taxing marijuana seems like a smart choice financially for our country.
NextThird, over the past 40 36 (fourty years) 36a or so years, drug cartels in Mexico have been heavily smuggling hard and soft narcotics across U.S 35 borders. Mexican marijuana generates lots of revenue from the United States. In 2011,...

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