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Energy Flow Essay

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LaRoma Webb
Community Environmental Issues
Brian Crabtree
December 4, 2014

Fracking Waste
The environmental report that I will be discussing involves Fracking ( hydraulic fracturing), which can be described as a well- stimulated technique where rock is fractured by hydraulically pressurized liquid, and how the chemicals used in this process are being disposed of back into the environment. I am a resident of Ohio, and this report stems from concerns from the community of Kent, Ohio, which is located in Kent, Ohio, and some of the things that the residents are talking about are health problems which in some cases have led to numerous surgeries.
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This is an environmental sustainability issue because with all of the chemicals that are being dumped and absorbed into the earth and water supply the number of illnesses and possible deaths will definitely be rising over the years, and this will affect many families both medically and financially due to high medical expenses. The affects that this will have on livestock, land, and air are unknown, and there can’t be anything positive to come from all of this because it is upsetting the natural flow of things.
In order to help quantify and qualify these potential risks, and in response to escalating public concern, congress directed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a study into the potential impacts of Fracking on drinking and ground water, and the first report was in 2012, and the final report is due in 2014.
These are some of the issues associated with Fracking:
* Water Issues: contamination of groundwater, faulty well construction, disposal into underground injection wells.
* Air Quality Issues: emissions into the air of methane, volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants, and greenhouse gases.
* Water Issues: stress on existing water supply, and according to EPA’s Senior Policy
* Counsel Robert Sussman, the strain that heavy-volume...

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