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Energy Crises Essay

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Undertaking By The Applicant:
I_____________________________ d/s/w of_________________________ do hereby Affix your solemnly affirm that I have read and understood the conditions for appearing in the NTS Test and recent that I have filled the form as per instructions given above and in the event any information contai ned herein is found to be untrue, I shall be liable to disciplinary action which may result in cancella tion of passport size my test. color
P ide 2 re e photogra rov c nt ph both a pa te in re s d photogra c ph olum n

Date: ________________

__________________ Signature of the Candidate

1. Send your Registration Form along with Original deposit slip. 2. Attach your 2 recent photos of size (1x1.5 inch only) at the front of this Registration Form. All Candidates are required to provide their recent photographs with full face exposure. 3. Deposit Rs: 500/- (Non Refundable/ Non ...view middle of the document...

6. Tick your desired Test Type in Para 3 (see the chart below).

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3. a

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Level 12 Years education with PRE ENGINEERING 12 Years education with PRE MEDICAL 12 Years education with ARTS & HUMANITIES 12 Years education with COMPUTER SCIENCE 12 Years education with GENERAL SCIENCE 12 Years education with COMMERCE 14 Year education with ARTS & SOCIAL Science 14 Year education with BIOLOGICAL Science 14 Year education with MANAGEMENT Science 14 Year education with PHYSICAL Science 14 Year education with ORIENTAL & ISLAMIC Studies

7. In column of Academic record must write your major subjects briefly against every Certificate/ Degree. Write down percentage of secured marks in 2 digits only, forms having any information other than percentage will not be processed.

• • •

Incomplete or improperly filled Registration Forms will not be processed. Roll No. Slips and Result cards will be sent through Pakistan Postal Service. Give your valid and clear Postal Address where delivery is certain. Fill the Correspondence City District for Result Card delivery.

Please attach only following documents with Registration Form: • Original Deposit Slip of Rs: 500/- (Non Refundable/ Non Transferable). • 2 Recent Photographs (1 X 1.5 inches only) with Name on Back of Photograph, you will be identified through this photograph at the test center. (No Registration form will be processed without photograph of the given size/dimension) Note: No Result Card will be issued with out Photograph.

By Hand submission of Registration Form is not allowed.
Please send your Registration Forms through Pakistan Postal Service or any reliable Courier Service.

Send Registration Forms to: Manager Operations National Testing Service 402, Street 34, I-8/2 Islamabad.
Please write down clearly “Test Type” (e.g. IE, IM, IA, ICS, IGS, ICOM or IIA, IIB, IIM, IIP, IIO) choice at the right top corner of envelop. Help Lines: UAN (city code)111 687 000, Islamabad 051-111 687 000, Lahore 042-9239258, Karachi 021-4327563, Peshawar 091- 9218233 E-mail Website:


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