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Ending Re Write For "On The Sidewalk Bleeding" By Evan Hunter. Written From Laura (Andy's Girlfriend's) Point Of View

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April 19, 1962 - 11:59 pm What a f#$&ing week! I can't believe Andy is really gone, I mean, I knew all along with him being part of a gang that he'd get hurt sometimes, but this... it's too much. The Royals are all hastlin' me, it's been real rough. They seem to think that it's my fault Andy's gone, as though if I hadn't sent him for those cigs that it wouldn't have happened. Or that if I was a decent girlfriend that I would have gone with him or that I would have worried about him sooner, before it was too late. It could have happened to any of them, it's not as if they were targeting Andy, it was because he was a Royal that he ...view middle of the document...

Some girlfriend I was.What the h^$% is this world coming to? Someone must have seen him. Someone must have walked past and noticed the puddle of blood surrounding him. Is there no decency to help a guy out? Apparently there is not. The funeral was on Tuesday. Only eighty-nine people showed up. A chunk of those people were his family, including his mom, dad and seven brother and sisters. I don't understand why no one came, I mean, he was well liked, or so I thought. I saw some guy in the back in a Guardian jacket. I couldn't help but think that he was only there to make sure Andy was really dead. The service itself was done beautifully. There was no mention of the Royals, or why he was murdered. I'd guess that's because it'd be too hard for his parents to hear straight out of his dangerous ways. They had no idea what he was involved in. He pulled off the 'mama's boy' act rather well when he was around them. I guess it'll all be revealed to them now, that is if the cops decide to get involved with the case. By the sounds of it though it'll be left as just some other case of a Royal being "accidentally" killed during yet another street fight. No one seems to care that Andy, my Andy, is gone forever. Sure they're all sad, but school's no different. The teachers probably enjoy it, one less kid they have to look after, one less low-life skid in the school. No one knew Andy the way I did, he was so much more than just a Royal.

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