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Ender's Shadow Or Ender's Game Essay

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Ender's Shadow or Ender's Game

Journal - Enders Shadow

Entry 1

In this story there is an alien race called the buggers, they have attacked earth before and now the I.F. (International Fleet) is training the younger generation to be commanders of the next fleet.

The main character in Enders Shadow is Bean. He lives on the streets of Rotterdam, in the allies and under steps. Like many other children living on the streets, it is very sparse to find food. Most survive by the leftovers they find in the trash. Bean, being the smallest of the children was the skinniest of them all. He was extremely small. He was on his last few days of life and was so weak he gave up on finding food. ...view middle of the document...

The bully shoved the kid into the ground. Achilles came up to the bully and asked him why he pushed Sergeant into the bully in the front. Achilles explained how he was just saving his place in line, until he pushed him into his friend. Few more of the crewmembers snuck up on the target and started jumping at his calves just as Achilles shoved him hard. The target hit the ground hard and didn’t get up. The rest of the crew filled the gap in line and started going into the kitchen. The supervisor of the kitchen watched as this happened; she was also a recruiter for the I.F. Achilles explained how all-young children would now eat first. Achilles did not eat but all the children gave him halve their bread him. They started calling him papa.

Entry 3

The next day, sister Carlotta the recruiter for the I.F. visited the crew and gave them all a lesson on reading. This continued for a few days, until one day she came with a test. Bean went through the test and him and Achilles being the only ones who could read did the test easily.

Bean still didn’t trust Achilles but he went along with his decisions. A few weeks pasted and one night Bean was lying in a crawl space between 2 buildings when he seen Poke walking in the street. Bean followed her and hid in an ally when she seen Poke meet Achilles near the docks. Bean knew Achilles was smart and that he could hold a grudge for a long time so he ran away. And in a few minutes he realized that Achilles was going to kill Poke. Bean ran back to the docks only to find Pokes dead body in the water.

Entry 4

Sister Carlotta had spoken with general Graff and after looking at Beans test scores he told her to keep Bean till he was 5, Then he would be old enough. And Achilles also scored well on the tests but Bean had already told Sister Carlotta that he thinks Achilles murdered Poke; so Achilles may not go to battle school. Bean lived with Sister Carlotta for 1 year being fed well and learning by doing schoolwork. Sister Carlotta found out that Bean was able to remember that he was born with many other children in an organ farm but he sensed the danger and he started crawling. Although he was only 5 months old he was able to climb into a toilet tank and hide there. Then a janitor found him one night and took him home but was forced to give him up for adoption.

Entry 5

After a year had pasted with Sister Carlotta a limo had picked Bean up from the building he was staying at. He had not eaten in a day because of launch regulations. He arrived at the shuttle that was taking Bean to Battle School in a station in space. Most of the other smart children were complaining about there hunger, but Bean was used to it. The shuttle took off, and soon after General Dimak entered. He explained where they were going. One boy was bragging about being better than the rest when Dimak said that they were all the same intelligence. The boy argued and said there is one child who is smarter than the rest. Dimak...

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